Rock Solid

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Rock Solid
Rock Solid.jpg
Studio album by Commodores
Released 1988
Recorded 1987
Genre R&B
Label Polydor
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Rock Solid
Commodores Christmas
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Rock Solid is the thirteenth studio album by the Commodores, released in 1988. At this time in the band's career, hits were no longer forthcoming, and this album failed to enter the Billboard album charts. One single, the perhaps appropriately titled "Solitaire" fizzled at #51 on the R&B chart, and no other tracks from the album charted. It is the last of the band's albums with keyboard player and founding member Milan Williams, who left after a dispute about playing in South Africa.

Track listing[edit]

Tracks Title Composer
1 Grrip Elcock, Orange
2 Bump the la la Orange
3 Thank You Hudson, King, King
4 I'm Gonna Need Your Loving Oland, Orange
5 Solitaire Cameron, Torano
6 Homeless Goodrum, Malloy, Sharron
7 Miracle Man Nicholas, Smith
8 Right Here 'N Now Pomerantz, Potts, Stober
9 Stretchhh Nicholas, Reynolds
10 Ain't Givin' Up Smith, Stanton, Williams
11 So Nice Malloy, Rich



Additional musicians[edit]


Lead Vocals: Walter Orange

"Bump the La La"[edit]

Lead Vocals (and background vocals): Walter Orange

"Thank You"[edit]

Lead Vocals: J.D. Nicholas

"I'm Gonna Need Your Loving"[edit]

Lead Vocals: Walter Orange

  • Paul Jackson, Jr.- guitar
  • Jeff Lorber- additional keyboards
  • Steve Harvey- additional keyboards, electronic programming, background vocals
  • Karyn White, Jeff Lorenzo, Portia Griffin- background vocals


Lead Vocals: Walter Orange

  • Chris Cameron: keyboards, programming
  • Sandy Torano: guitar, background vocals
  • Vinnie Colaiuta- drums
  • Ruben Alvarez- percussion
  • Alejo Poveda, David Rosenberg- additional percussion
  • Steve Eisen- tenor saxophone
  • Shawn Christopher, J.D. Nicholas- background vocals


Lead Vocals (and background vocals): J.D. Nicholas and Walter Orange

"Miracle Man[edit]

Lead Vocals (and background vocals): J.D. Nicholas

  • Sheldon Reynolds- guitar, background vocals
  • Stewart Hanley- additional keyboards
  • Ramsey Embick- electronic programming

"Right Here 'N Now"[edit]

Lead Vocals (and background vocals): J.D. Nicholas

  • Ray Fuller- guitar
  • Monty Seward- additional keyboards, electronic programming
  • George Duke- Synclavier strings
  • Carl Caldwell, Josie James, Mia Tabares- background vocals


Lead Vocals (and background vocals): J.D. Nicholas

  • Sheldon Reynolds- guitar
  • Ramsey Embick- electronic programming
  • Alfie Silas, Mia Tabares, Randy Hall, Sherri Wells, Walter Orange, William King- background vocals

"Ain't Givin' Up"[edit]

Lead Vocals: J.D. Nicholas

  • Dave Battelene- guitar
  • Harold Hudson- keyboards
  • Tyrone Stanton- bass
  • Isaac Morris- drums
  • Walter Orange- additional vocals
  • All members of the Commodores- background vocals
  • Karyn White, Randy Hall- additional background vocals

"So Nice"[edit]

Lead Vocals: Walter Orange


Additional credits[edit]

  • Artwork by - Tom Nikosey
  • Photography - Ron Slenzak
  • Hair - Dori Shear, Toni Greene
  • Make-up - Marietta Carter
  • Stylist - Ian Carter
  • Management - Jo-Ann Geffen & Associates