Rock Therapy

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Rock Therapy
Studio album by Rock Therapy

Rock Therapy was a 1996 one-off project consisting of Queen guitarist Brian May, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, plus a number of guest vocalists including Sam Brown, Andy Fairweather-Low, Paul Rodgers and Lulu. This was a 3-track charity CD issued in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre, which helps special needs children to communicate through the medium of music.

The song "Reaching Out" peaked at number 126 on the UK charts.[1] Queen + Paul Rodgers performed the song live during their 2005–2006 tour, and released four recordings: one on their 2005 double live album, Return of the Champions,[2] one on the single "Reaching Out/Tie Your Mother Down",[3] and two as download-only tracks.[4] The live version was sampled in 2009 by Eminem for the track "Beautiful" from his album Relapse.


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