Rock and Roll Acid Test

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Rock and Roll Acid Test
Created bySteven Miller
StarringAbby Gennet
Drew Bell
John Law
Mike Senese
Country of origin United States
Running time22 minutes (per episode)
Original networkFuse TV
Original releaseJune 17, 2008 (2008-06-17) –

Rock and Roll Acid Test is a television show on the Fuse TV network that takes a scientific look at rock and roll, and then recreates the findings to demonstrate the extreme limits of rock.


Each episode has a general theme with three specific investigations pertaining to it. The hosts perform their initial research, analyze the results, and then build a variety of machines that mimic the insanity of the rock and roll lifestyle.


Episode list[edit]

  • Dazed and Confused - The hosts test to see if you can recreate the brain patterns of getting high by putting themselves through a variety of intense activities. Guest rock band Puddle of Mudd is placed in an LSD simulation chamber to determine how difficult it is to perform while tripping. And the rumor that Ozzy Osbourne snorted ants is investigated, hands-on.
  • Light ‘Em Up - What happens when you get shocked on stage - and can it kill you? What type of music is capable of generating the most power? And can you use electricity itself as a musical instrument?
  • Blown Away - Do sound waves have the power to push someone over? Speakers are rebuilt into hovercraft to see if music has the power to lift an object. And the hosts try to find a way to demonstrate the best spot in a concert hall.
  • Appetite for Destruction - What is more damaging to a hotel room - a rock band, or a wrecking ball? Was Jim Morrison really capable of hanging from his balcony for extended periods of time? And can a team of top technicians truly fix any problem in under 15 minutes?
  • Body Damage – The forces of a speed metal moshpit are recreated to show how you can get hurt and even killed at a concert. Plus, damage to vocal cords and ear drums is explained by the experts.
  • Music Made Me Do It - Challenging the myth that music can brainwash people and make them do crazy things. Can a DJ really control a dance floor? Can music pump you up? Can music control your mind?

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