Rock of the Three Kingdoms

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Rock of the Three Kingdoms
Penedo dos Três Reinos
Penedo dos tres Reinos.jpg
View of the summit
Highest point
Elevation1,025 m (3,363 ft)
Coordinates41°58′20″N 6°58′57″W / 41.97222°N 6.98250°W / 41.97222; -6.98250Coordinates: 41°58′20″N 6°58′57″W / 41.97222°N 6.98250°W / 41.97222; -6.98250
Rock of the Three Kingdoms is located in Iberia
Rock of the Three Kingdoms
Rock of the Three Kingdoms
Location of the mountain in the border area between Portugal and Spain
Parent rangeSerra da Coroa (Sierra de la Culebra)
Mountain typeSlate
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Moimenta, Vinhais

The Rock of the Three Kingdoms (Portuguese: Penedo dos Três Reinos) is a mountain of 1025 m of elevation in the Serra de Marabón (Spanish: Sierra del Marabón), part of the mountainous system of Sierra de la Culebra (Portuguese: Serra da Coroa).

Description and location[edit]

Known also as Fragua dos Tres Reinos in Galicia, this rocky formation was the former tripoint between the three ancient medieval kingdoms of Portugal, León, and Galicia, hence its name.

The Penedo is located on the border between the village of Moimenta in the municipality of Vinhais, the municipality of A Mezquita in province of Ourense (Autonomous Community of Galicia) and the municipality of Hermisende in Senabria comarca of the province of Zamora (Autonomous Community of Castile and León).[1] There are Iberian wolves in this area.[2]

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