Rock shelter of the Equi Spa

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View of the hamlet of Equi Terme from the La Buca balcony

Rock shelter of the Equi Spa (Italian: Grotte di Equi Terme) is located on the northern fringe of the Apuan Alps, not far from the famous Carrara marble quarries in northern Italy. The Rock shelter is located by a small the small hamlet of Equi Terme which is a currently developing tourist attraction with three selling points, an archaeological site (Italian: La Tecchia), a natural cave system (Italian: La Buca) and a hiking trail along the northern fringe of the Apuan Alps (Italian: Solco).


The Rock shelter was first excavated in 1909 by a law graduate, turned-geologist and archaeologist Carlo deStefani and published the first monograph of the archaeological and palaeozoological remains of the site in 1917. Further excavations were conducted in the 1930s and 1940s, turning the Rock shelter into a cave, thanks to the large quantity of soil excavated.

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