Rock with Sedaka

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Rock with Sedaka
Studio album by Neil Sedaka
Released 1959
Genre Pop
Label RCA
Producer Al Nevins
Neil Sedaka chronology
Rock with Neil Sedaka

Rock with Neil Sedaka or just Neil Sedaka is the first major solo album of Neil Sedaka released in 1959 after two 1958 albums under the titles Neil Sedaka and The Tokens and Neil Sedaka and The Tokens and Coins. The album was released on RCA and was produced by Al Nevins. The album contains 12 songs, all of them co-written by Sedaka and his friend Howard Greenfield. Two of the songs became successful singles for Sedaka from the album, namely "The Diary", his debut single that was a hit, reaching No. 14 on the US Billboard charts, and "I Go Ape", a single that was relatively successful in the United States reaching No. 42, but did far better in the UK Singles Chart, making it up to No. 9 and his debut single in the United Kingdom.

Track listing[edit]

All songs were composed by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield.

  1. "You're Knockin' Me Out"
  2. "The Diary"
  3. "I Ain't Hurtin' No More"
  4. "Stupid Cupid"
  5. "All I Need Is You"
  6. "I Waited Too Long"
  7. "Fallin'"
  8. "Another Sleepless Night"
  9. "I Go Ape"
  10. "Moon of Gold"
  11. "I Belong To You"
  12. "As Long as I Live"

Singles from the album[edit]

Singles from the album:

  • 1958: "The Diary" (US #14)
  • 1959: "I Go Ape" (US #42, UK #9)
  • 1959: "All I Need Is You" (released in Italy on the RCA Italiana label)
  • 1959: "Stupid Cupid" (released in Italy on the RCA Italiana label)
  • 1959: "(Stop!) You're Knocking Me Out!" (released on a 45 rpm single in Australia and Greece)

"Stupid Cupid" and "Fallin'" became major hits for Connie Francis, and Jimmy Clanton made a hit out of "Another Sleepless Night".

Also, several B-sides were drawn from this album for Neil Sedaka's singles.

  • "I Ain't Hurtin' No More" was the B-side of "The Girl For Me" later in 1959.
  • "Moon of Gold" was the B-side of "I Go Ape!" in 1959.
  • "Fallin'" was the B-side of the Italian release of "All I Need Is You" in 1959.
  • "As Long As I Live" was the B-side of the Italian release of "Stupid Cupid" in 1959, and again was a B-side in 1962 for Sedaka's signature song "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". That same year, Sedaka recorded an Italian-language version as "Finche' Vivro'".
  • "I Belong To You" was the B-side of the Australian release of "(Stop!) You're Knocking Me Out!" in 1959 and was re-issued in 1962 as the B-side of "Next Door To An Angel".
  • "I Waited Too Long" was the B-side of the Greek release of "You're Knocking Me Out" in 1959.


Neil Sedaka and Circulate
Studio album by Neil Sedaka
Released 1995
Genre Pop

In 1995, the album Rock with Sedaka was re-released on CD and included in addition the contents of the following album Circulate as well