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RockCorps is a pro-social production company that uses music to inspire people to volunteer and get involved in their community. To date, over 160,000 volunteers have attended more than 50 live concert events, giving over 600,000 hours to volunteering at more than 2,500 global charities. The company was founded in America in 2003 and launched in there in 2005 in partnership with Boost Mobile, Following that, RockCorps launched with Orange in the UK in 2008,[1] France in 2009[2] and Israel in 2010.[3]

RockCorps has featured famous artists at their concerts, including Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, T.I., Akon, Nelly, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Korn, N-Dubz,and Vampire Weekend.[4][5]

RockCorps' principal idea is "Got 2 Give to Get (U.S.), Give, Get Given (UK). Tagline: Moving a Generation to Change the World


Anyone who gives 4 hours of their time at a RockCorps organized volunteer event in their local community gets given a ticket to an exclusive concert put on by RockCorps.[6]

The volunteer events are always in partnership with local non-profit organizations. non-profit partners in various cities have included: Lee Valley Regional Park[7] (UK), Thames 21(UK)[8] Social Change Media (USA), Watts Boys and Girls Club (USA), Heal the Bay (USA), Big Kidz (USA), Reynoldstown Revitalization Corporation (USA), Arepa (FRANCE) and ABEJ (FRANCE).

RockCorps is not a non-profit organization, instead partners with a brand partner in each country, creating a marketing and communication platform that combines entertainment and community work. When launched in 2005 in the USA, RockCorps partnered with Boost Mobile and was known as 'Boost Mobile RockCorps'. In the UK, France and Israel RockCorps is partnered with Orange and is known as 'Orange RockCorps'. In the UK in 2008 and 2009 RockCorps was also partnered with Sony Ericsson. This changed to BlackBerry in 2010.


RockCorps sprang from the work of the Greenbucks Foundation in the USA. Active in the mid-'90s, Greenbucks staged its initial concerts in Telluride and encouraged local residents to clean up the outdoor concert space in order to earn a ticket.

RockCorps' first nationwide effort in 2005 with partner Boost Mobile, a wireless telecommunications company. In its first year, the Boost Mobile RockCorps (BMRC) movement staged events in six U.S. cities and had 5,000 volunteers who generated 20,000 hours of service. In 2007, Boost Mobile RockCorps expanded the program to 11 cities and over 15,000 volunteers. BMRC had a total of over 30,000 American volunteers and travelled to over 13 U.S. cities.[9]

RockCorps expanded to the UK in 2008, announcing in April its partnership with mobile operator Orange. In 2008, in partnership with Orange, Sony Ericsson and Channel 4, RockCorps produced the Orange RockCorps (ORC) concert at The Royal Albert Hall on September 26. To get a ticket to the show – people had to sign up for one of 55 volunteer events that happened throughout August and September. 5000 people volunteered 20,000 hours to 41 UK charities in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Southampton and Newcastle.[10]

In 2009, Orange RockCorps returned to London, and also launched in Manchester, UK. The Manchester gig took place on July 13 at the Manchester Apollo with Lady Gaga, N-Dubz, The Enemy, VV Brown and Tinchy Stryder. The London concert took place on September 25 at the Royal Albert Hall with Nelly, Nas, Kelly Rowland and David Guetta, Razorlight, Chase & Status and Akon.[11][12]

RockCorps also launched in Paris their first French program, on July 21 ("en association avec M6"). The concert took place on October 2 in Le Zénith and featured Akon, David Guetta, Busta Rhymes, Sefyu.[13]

In 2010 Orange RockCorps spread to Israel for a Rihanna concert at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv for 13,000 RockCorps volunteers.[14]

2010 also saw Orange RockCorps return to Manchester and to the Apollo on July 8 with Snoop Dogg, Vampire Weekend, Tinie Tempah and Mr Hudson. The London concert that year was held in The Albert Hall on September 24 with Pendulum, Mark Ronson and the Business International featuring Boy George, N-Dubz, Taio Cruz and Plan B. By the end of 2010, 24,000 people had volunteered with RockCorps in the UK.[15][16]

In France 2010, Orange RockCorps expanded to Marseille, completing the programme with a concert at Le Dôme on July 12 featuring Damien Marley, Nas, Sexion D'Assaut, Alonzo and Soprano. They also returned to Paris and with a concert at Le Zénith on October 5, featuring N*E*R*D, Sexion D'Assaut, Mark Ronson and the Business International featuring Boy George and VV Brown.

In Sydney 2013, Optus RockCorps launched their campaign[17] with a 5,000 volunteer concert at the Hordern Pavilion with The Script, Tinie Tempah, Guy Sebastian, The Potbelleez. In 2014 Optus RockCorps came to The Big Top in Luna Park Sydney which played host to 3,000 volunteers who came to see Empire of the Sun, Rudimental, Miguel, Samantha Jade. Optus is still the sponsor of RockCorps in Australia.

RockCorps Japan launched in 2014 to help re-build communities affected by the 2011 Fukashima earthquake and tsunami.[18] RockCorps brought together 4,000 volunteers at the Tohoku Arena to see Ne-Yo, Kobukuro, Flumpool and May J.

The Concerts[edit]


Japan RockCorps (Japan 2014)

– September, Fukushima – 4,000 Volunteers – Artists: Neyo, Kobukuro, Flumpool, May J

Orange RockCorps (France 2014)

– July, Le Trianon – Paris – 1,500 Volunteers – Artists: Wiz Khalifa, Azealia Banks, Indila, DJ Cut Killer

– April, Le Rocher de Palmer – Bordeaux – 500 Volunteers – Artists: Black M, Keurispoi, DJ HCue

– September, – Nancy – 500 Volunteers – Artists: Shaka Ponk

– October, Transbordeur– Lyon – 500 Volunteers – Artists: Casseur Flowters

Optus RockCorps (Australia 2014)

– March 12, Luna Park – Sydney – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Empire of the Sun,[19] Rudimental,[20] Miguel, Samantha Jade

– April, – Melbourne – 500 Volunteers – Artists: American Authors

– April, Brisbane – 500 Volunteers – Artists: American Authors


Coca-Cola RockCorps (South Africa 2013)

– November 9, Ellis Park Arena – Johannesburg – 4,000 Volunteers – Artists: Busta Rhymes,[21] Ciara, D’Banj, Teargas

Orange RockCorps (France 2013)

– July, Le Trianon – Paris – 1,500 Volunteers – Artists: Trey Songz,[22] Oxmo Puccino, Kerry James, Tal, DJ Cut Killer

– April, Le Carriere – Nantes – 500 Volunteers – Artists: Youssoupha

Optus RockCorps (Australia 2013)

– April 10, Hordern – Sydney – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: The Script,[23] Tinie Tempah, Guy Sebastian, The Potbelleez


Buchanan's Tiempo para Compartir (2012)

– August, Plaza Condesa – Mexico City, Mexico – 2,000 Volunteers – Artists: Maroon 5, Javier Colon

– August, Auditorio TelMex – Guadalajara, Mexico – 500 Volunteers – Artists: Maroon 5

– June, Royal Center – Bogota, Colombia – 2,500 Volunteers – Artists: The Smashing Pumpkins, Monsieur Periné

– June – Caracas, Venezuela – 2,500 Volunteers – Artists: The Smashing Pumpkins

Orange RockCorps (France 2012)

– July, Zenith – Paris – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Sean Paul, The Ting Tings, Shy'm, 1995, DJ LBR

Orange RockCorps (France 2012)

– October, Le Dome – Marseile – 2,000 Volunteers – Artists: Lauryn Hill, Nas, Youssoupha, Inna Modja


Orange RockCorps (France 2011)

– July, Zenith – Paris – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: David Guetta, Taio Cruz, Tinie Tempah, Melissa Nkonda

Orange RockCorps (France 2011)

– October, Le Dome – Marseile – 2,000 Volunteers – Artists: Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Selah Sue, Lilly Wood and the Prick

Orange RockCorps (UK 2011)

– July, Wembley Arena – London – 11,000 Volunteers – Artists: P. Diddy & Diddy-Dirty Money, Primal Scream, Kelis, Professor Green, Wretch 32


Orange RockCorps (France 2010)

– July, Zenith – Paris – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Pharrell / NERD, Mark Ronson and the Business International, VV Brown, Stomae, Soprano

Orange RockCorps (France 2010)

– Le Dome – Marseile – 2,000 Volunteers – Artists: Nas, Damian Marley, Sexion D'Assuat, Soprano and Alonzo, DJ Cut Killer

Orange RockCorps (UK 2010)

– July 24, Apollo – Manchester[24] – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Snoop Dogg, Vampire Weekend, Mr. Hudson, Tinie Tempah

Orange RockCorps (UK 2010)

– September 24, Royal Albert Hall – London[25] – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Pendulum, Mark Ronson, Plan B, N-Dubz, Taio Cruz, RockCorps Allstars[26]

Orange RockCorps (Israel 2010)

– Bloomfield Stadium – Tel Aviv – 13,000 Volunteers (Largest all volunteer concert to date) – Artists: Rihanna[27]


Orange RockCorps (UK 2009)[28]

– July, Apollo – Manchester – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Lady Gaga, N-Dubz, The Enemy, VV Brown, Tinchy Stryder

Orange RockCorps (UK 2009)

– September, Royal Albert Hall – London – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Nelly, Akon, Razorlight, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, Chase and Status

Orange RockCorps (France 2009)

– October 2, Zenith – Paris – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Busta Rhymes, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Razorlight, Sefyu


Orange RockCorps (UK 2008)

– September, Royal Albert Hall – London – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Guillemots, John Legend, Feeder, Lethal Bizzle, The Automatic

Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2008)

– June, Gibson Theater – Los Angeles – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Akon, Puddle of Mudd, Common, Flyleaf, Busta Rhymes


Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2007)

– March 17, Kodak Theater – Los Angeles – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Korn, Game, +44, Rise Against , Young Jeezy, Xibit

Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2007)

– June 9, Fox Theater – Atlanta – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, ?uestlove, Young Jeezy

Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2007)

– October 6, Radio City Music Hall – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Busta Rhymes, Angels and Airwaves, Ludacris, Young Joc


Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2006)

– June 17, Fox Theater – Atlanta – 3,000 Volunteers – Artists: Lil Wayne, Big Boi, Keisha Cole

Boost Mobile RocKCorps (USA 2006)

– September 23, Radio City Music Hall – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: T.I., Panic! at the Disco, Nelly, Don Omar, Nas, Kelis, Taking Back Sunday


Boost Mobile RockCorps (USA 2005)

– Radio City Music Hall – 5,000 Volunteers – Artists: Travis Barker and DJ AM, Paul Wall, Kanye West, Slim Thug, Fabolous, Faith Evans, Young Jeezy, The Lox, Fat Joe, T.I.


RockCorps was founded and continues to be operated by: Stephen Greene (CEO), Grady Lee (COO), movie and video director Chris Robinson, Haley Moffett, Paul Hunter, Toby Garrett and Noel Eisenberg.

The Collective[edit]

In 2009 RockCorps launched 'The Collective'. 'The Collective' is the anywhere/anytime part of the project. It rewards volunteers who give to their community, but who may not be able to make a project or gig. Volunteers have to give 4 hours of their time wherever, whenever they want and they become a part of 'The Collective community' by sharing their experience with their peers through The Collective website. Collective members are offered exclusive tickets and are entered into prize draws. Prizes have included Ticketmaster vouchers, tickets to RockCorps gigs in other countries, and exclusive access to other concerts.[29]


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