Rockefeller Music Hall

Coordinates: 59°54′58″N 10°45′1″E / 59.91611°N 10.75028°E / 59.91611; 10.75028
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Rockefeller Music Hall
Rockefeller logo
LocationOslo, Norway
Coordinates59°54′58″N 10°45′1″E / 59.91611°N 10.75028°E / 59.91611; 10.75028
OwnerAuditorium AS
Typemusic venue
Genre(s)rock, pop
Capacity1,300 [1]
Rockefeller - John Dee - Sentrum Scene

Rockefeller Music Hall, ordinarily referred to simply as Rockefeller, is a concert venue located in Mariboes gate 5B, downtown Oslo, Norway. The building, known as "Torggata Bad" ("Market Street Bath"), used to house a public bathing facility. To this day the surrounding floors of the building consists of Tilt Oslo, Oslo Streetfood and Oslo Bar & Bowling.

Rockefeller was established in 1986, and has a capacity of 1,300. Rockefeller is owned by Auditorium AS, of which also runs John Dee (pax 500), which is a smaller venue located in the lower floors of the same building complex. The company also owns a slightly bigger venue, Sentrum Scene (pax 1,750), located across the street at Arbeidersamfunnets Plass 1. Both Rockefeller, John Dee and Sentrum Scene are known for its high volume of concert events,[2] very often involving pop and rock music, as well as cultural events with Norwegian and international artists such as the annual Inferno Festival, by:Larm and Musikkfest Oslo.

The venue consists of a main hall, a large gallery, a smaller upper gallery, a rooftop with bar, and several lounge bars across the sides of the main music hall.

Several popular podcasts are regularly recorded at Rockefeller, as well as public radio shows hosted by NRK, among others.

French band Nouvelle Vague in concert at Rockefeller, February 25, 2007

The Coldplay EP Trouble - Norwegian Live EP was recorded at the venue.


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