Rockers (soundtrack)

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Rockers film soundtrack albumcover.jpg
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
Mango Records
ProducerTheodoros Bafaloukos, Ayrom Robin

The soundtrack to the film Rockers was released in 1979.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "We 'A' Rockers" (Ian Lewis, Bernard Harvey) - Inner Circle
  2. "Money Worries" (Wilson) - The Maytones
  3. "Police and Thieves" (Junior Murvin, Lee Perry) - Junior Murvin
  4. "Books of Rules" (Barry Llewellyn, Harry Johnson) - The Heptones
  5. "Stepping Razor" (Joe Higgs) - Peter Tosh
  6. "Tenement Yard" (Jacob Miller, Roger Lewis) - Jacob Miller
  7. "Fade Away" (Earl "Chinna" Smith) - Junior Byles

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Rockers" (Neville Livingstone) - Bunny Wailer
  2. "Slave Master" (Gregory Isaacs) - Gregory Isaacs
  3. "Man in the Street" (Coxsone Dodd) - Rockers All Stars
  4. "Graduation in Zion" (Frank Dowding) - Kiddus I
  5. "Jah No Dead" (Winston Rodney) - Burning Spear
  6. "Satta Massagana" (L. Manning, D. Manning, B. Collins) - Third World
  7. "Natty Take Over" (Justin Hines, Michael Roper) - Justin Hinds & the Dominoes

Note: Some versions replace "Man in the Street" with "Dread Lion" by Lee Perry & the Upsetters.