Rockers Revenge

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Rockers Revenge
Genres Freestyle
Years active 1982-1984
Labels Streetwise
Associated acts Donnie Calvin, Arthur Baker
Past members Donnie Calvin, Arthur Baker, Dwight Hawkes, Tina B

Rockers Revenge was a studio musical project, assembled by producer Arthur Baker in 1982. Aside from Arthur Baker, it consisted of members Donnie Calvin, Dwight Hawkes and Tina B. The group is most remembered by their 1982 Post-disco hit "Walking On Sunshine", which peaked at number 1 on the US Dance Chart and number 4 In the UK.


The project was a collaboration of music producer Arthur Baker and featured reggae vocalist Donnie Calvin. Arthur primarily focused on the engineering and mixing side of things while Donnie provided lead vocals. Tina B, who is married to Arthur Baker, contributed to backing vocals on most tacks and also help with writing and arrangement. There was also a backing vocalist called Dwight Hawkes who is featured in some of the tracks. In terms of music styles, the group chose a Electro and Post-disco sound, which incorporated early elements of freestyle music.

The groups initial entry on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, "Walking on Sunshine" (an Eddy Grant composition, featuring vocals by Donnie Calvin) hit #1 on the U.S. dance chart in 1982. The track reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart in September 1982.[1] Follow-ups "The Harder They Come" (1983) and "Living For the Weekend" (1984) also charted.

In 1988 a Rockers Revenge track ("Love Is on Our Side") appeared on Rough House Vol. 1, an early house music compilation album. In early 2005, "Walking on Sunshine" was re-released on the Gossip U.S. record label, featuring remixes by Hott 22 and Live Element. Another Rockers Revenge track called "Battle Cry" was featured in the movie Beat Street and its soundtrack album.

The project disbanded in 1984, due to the lack of chart success. Arthur moved to other projects and Donnie retired from the music career.



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