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Rocket City Math League (RCML) is a student-run mathematics competition in the United States. Run by students at Virgil I. Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama, RCML gets its name from Huntsville's nickname as the "Rocket City".[1] RCML was started in 2001 and has been annually sponsored by the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society. The competition consists of 3 individual rounds and a team round that was added in 2008. It is divided into 5 divisions named for NASA programs: Explorer (pre-algebra), Mercury (algebra I), Gemini (geometry), Apollo (algebra II), and Discovery (comprehensive).

Individual rounds[edit]

Each of the 3 individual rounds consists of a 10 question test with a 45-minute time limit. Out of the 10 questions, there are four 1-point questions, three 2-point questions, two 3-point questions, and one 4-point question, with the more difficult questions having larger point values. The maximum score on an individual test is 20, and individual tests often contain many interesting space-themed questions.

Team round[edit]

The team round is divided into a senior division and a junior division that take separate tests for the team round. It consists of a 15 question test with a 30-minute time limit, in which team members work together to get as many correct answers as possible. Out of the 15 questions, there are five 1-point questions, four 2-point questions, three 3-point questions, two 4-point questions, and one 5-point question, making the maximum score on the team test a 35.



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