Rocket Robin Hood

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Rocket Robin Hood
Rocket Robin Hood.jpg
Opening title
Written byRalph Bakshi
Voices of
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes52
Producer(s)Al Guest
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)
Original networkCBC
Picture formatColour
Original release9 October 1966[1] –

Rocket Robin Hood is a Canadian animated television series, placing the characters and conflicts of the classic Robin Hood legend in a futuristic, outer space setting. It was produced by Krantz Films, Inc. and aired on CBC Television from 1966 to 1969.[1]


Rocket Robin Hood leads his "Merry Men"—including the strong, dimwitted and likeable Little John; consummate overeater Friar Tuck (who designs all of the Merry Men's weaponry); his two-fisted, red-headed cousin Will Scarlet; Robin's plucky girlfriend Maid Marian; his sharp-witted right-hand man Alan-a-Dale; scrawny and feisty camp cook Giles (a reformed crook and Gabby Hayes-type); and other characters from the classic story of Robin Hood. They live in "the astonishing year 3000" on New Sherwood Forest Asteroid and are determined to foil the despotic plans of Prince John and his bumbling lackey, the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. (National Outer-space Terrestrial Territories) and other villains such as Dr. Medulla, Manta, Nocturne and the Warlord of Saturn. Rocket Robin Hood and his people fly in spaceships and use weapons such as "electro-quarterstaffs".

Each 22-minute episode is divided into three segments, with cliffhangers between the first and second part and the second and third part. All episodes also feature short vignettes of the various characters.

A male chorus sang the opening and closing themes for each of the three seasons in the style of traditional old English ballads.

Voice cast[edit]


Rocket Robin Hood was animated and voiced by Trillium Productions, an animation studio that was part of the Guest Group—a creative group of companies owned by producer Al Guest. One of the key animators was Jean Mathieson, one of the first female animators, who later formed Rainbow Animation in Canada and Magic Shadows Inc in the U.S. with Guest, where they continued to produce animated TV programming.

Background designer Richard H. Thomas joined the group late in the second season and brought a dark, almost psychedelic feel to the production under Associate Producer for Krantz Films Ralph Bakshi, who would later become a well known animation producer and would be responsible for, among other series, the animated film versions of Fritz the Cat and The Lord of the Rings. Third-season episodes were animated at Ralph's Spot in New York City, although voices continued to be recorded in Toronto. One of the show's chief designers during this time was science fiction illustrator/comic book artist Gray Morrow.

Bernard Cowan was the show's narrator. Paul Kligman, who voiced J. Jonah Jameson in the 1960s animated version of Spider-Man, was the voice of Friar Tuck. Len Birman, who appeared in the movies Silver Streak (1976) and Bayo (1985), was the voice of Rocket Robin Hood. Len Carlson subbed for Birman as Rocket Robin Hood in some third season episodes. Carl Banas was the voice of Titanor / Dr. Manta. Ed McNamara provided the voice of Little John. Chris Wiggins was the voice of Will Scarlet.

There was also a French version titled Robin Fusée, broadcast on French Canadian TV.


Season 1[edit]

Prince of Plotters
The Time Machine
Robin versus the Robot Knight
The Mystery of the Crown Jewels
Warlord of Saturn
Wily Giles
Jesse James Rides Again
Giles the Great
City Beneath the Seas
Don Cayote McPherson
Michael Shawn the Leprechaun
Little Little John
The Marmaduke Caper
Follow the Leader
Cleopatra Meets Little John
Little George
The Magic Medallion of Morse
The Awful Truce
The Sad, Sad Sheriff of N.O.T.T.
Don't Make a Sound
The Orbiting Salesman
Marlin, the Magician

Season 2[edit]

Dr. Mortula
The Space Wolf
Dr. Magnet
The Manta Menace
Young Mr. Ulysses
The Incredible Gem of Cosmo Khan
Who'll Kill Rocket Robin?
Genius in a Bottle
The Tree Kingdom of Caldomar
Catch a Comet By the Tail
The Emperor Jimmy
The Eternal Planet of Romarama

Season 3[edit]

The Dark Galaxy
Space Giant
The Haunted Asteroid
The Plot to Destroy N.O.T.T.
The Solar Sphinx
Lord of the Underworld
The Ghost Pirates
Dementia Five
Lord of the Shadows
The Living Planet
From Menace to Menace
Planet of Dreams
Slaves of Medulla
Jaws of Steel
The Storm Makers
Return Trip


This is a partial, but not strictly accurate, list of stations in the United States that broadcast Rocket Robin Hood in the late 1960s and/or in the 1970s. Alphabetized by city, they are:

In Canada, the show aired on Toronto's CITY-TV in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as CHEX-TV in Peterborough and on CJOH-TV in the Ottawa area.

Currently, the series airs on the RetroTV digital subchannel network in the United States.[2]

DVD release[edit]

E1 Entertainment released Volume 1, which contains almost all of season 1, in November 2009 as a four-DVD set (English and French versions, 592 minutes). E1 stated that the episode "Safari" was not included due to unavailable footage.

Volume 2, which encompasses all of seasons 2 and 3, was released in May 2010 also as a four-DVD set (English and French versions, 714 minutes). The French versions of these DVD collections are available separately as Robin fusée.


Works cited[edit]

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