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Rocket Software Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded 1990
Headquarters Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
Key people
Andy Youniss (President and CEO)
Anjali Arora (CPO)
Kevin Thimble (CFO)
Tom Brigiotta (CRO)
Christine Washburn (CMO)
Jay Leader (SVP, Customer Success)
Number of employees

Rocket Software is a privately held software development firm founded in 1990 with a focus on helping clients and partners run their infrastructure, business processes, and data analytics using emerging technologies such as cloud and mobile. Rocket develops products in such fields as analytics, networks, data, storage, and enterprise software. The firm's products are designed to run on mainframes, Linux/Unix/Windows, IBM i, cloud, and hybrid/virtualized systems. Rocket has business and technology partnerships with IBM, EMC,[1] Fujitsu,[2] HP Enterprise Services, Hitachi Data Systems,[3] and others. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and has more than 30 offices worldwide.


Rocket Software was founded in Boston in 1990 with a focus on IBM DB2 tools. The company has since expanded its offerings to include analytics, data, storage, applications, and networks software.

Rocket's software runs on multiple platforms and operating systems, including mainframe, IBM z/OS, IBM i, UNIX, Windows and other platforms[4] and offers tools to access non-SQL data with standard SQL queries.[5]

In 2012, Rocket's Aldon subsidiary was recognized as a Niche Player in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for application life-cycle management[6] and as a Contender in The Forrester Wave: application life-cycle management, Q4 2012.[7] In 2017, market research firm Infiniti Research included Rocket Aldon as a "prominent player" in the application lifecycle management market.[8]

Since 2013 when the list was inaugurated, Rocket has been included in Database Trends and Applications magazine's annual “DBTA 100,” a list of the companies that matter most in data.[9]

In 2017, Rocket CEO Andy Youniss was named a New England Entrepreneur of the Year by professional services firm EY.[10]


Rocket develops and sells over 100 individual software applications, which are grouped into 20 product lines. Key products lines include:

  • Rocket Aldon ALM: A suite of software change management and DevOps products for the enterprise application lifecycle management and software change management markets. Rocket offers several versions of its ALM software for use by different platforms, including Lifecycle Manager for IBM i, Lifecycle Manager Enterprise Edition, Lifecycle Manager MultiValue Edition, and Lifecycle Manager for Mobile. Research firm Infiniti Research considers Rocket a "prominent player" in the application lifecycle management market.[8]
  • Rocket API: Released in 2017, Rocket API is a development environment designed to help users create APIs for purposes of modernizing IBM i and MultiValue applications. In June 2017, Rocket reported the tool had at least 200 customers, mainly in the IBM i sphere.[11]
  • Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration: Software for project collaboration, electronic data interchange (EDI), managed file transfer (MFT), enterprise application integration (EAI), and process automation, acquired from Trubiquity in 2014.[12] Individual applications include Rocket TRUcentrix, Rocket TRUexchange, Rocket TRUfusion Enterprise, Rocket TRUedx, and Rocket TRUeurex-c.
  • Rocket BlueZone: Rocket BlueZone is a suite of terminal emulation products. Rocket offers versions of BlueZone for several host systems, and provides web, mobile, and desktop deployment options. Supported host systems include IBM Mainframe (TN3270), IBM i (TN5250), UNIX, DEC (VT), and Unisys (T27 & UTS). Also included in the BlueZone suite of products are secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) systems and BlueZone Security Server. Rocket acquired the BlueZone product line in 2007 as part of the Seagull Software purchase.[13]
  • Rocket CorVu: The Rocket CorVu product line consists of tools for business intelligence and enterprise performance management (EPM). These tools include Rocket CorVu NG, a data visualization tool for software developers, and Rocket CorBusiness, a business intelligence application designed for non-technical users. Rocket acquired CorVu in 2007.[14]
  • Rocket Data Virtualization: Released 2017, Rocket Data Virtualization is data virtualization tool for accessing and manipulating data resident on IBM z mainframes.[15]
  • Rocket Discover: Rocket’s business intelligence (BI) software. Discover includes features that allow for integration with Rocket MultiValue,[16] IBM Cognos TM1, IBM i,[17] and Rocket CorBusiness.
  • Rocket LegaSuite: A line of software products for Web and mobile application development and digital transformation using data from IBM i, mainframe and UNIX applications, as well as data from other enterprise systems.[18]
  • Rocket Mainframe: Rocket offers systems, security, and data management products for IBM z/OS, DB2, and IMS systems under the brand Rocket Mainstar,[19][20] while Rocket OpenTech is the header under which Rocket offers its data relocation and workload separation products.[21]
  • Rocket MultiValue Application Platforms: Rocket offers two MultiValue products. Rocket U2 is a MultiValue app development and data management platform that runs on current Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems. Rocket D3 is a MultiValue database management system (DBMS) based on the Pick universal data model. In June 2017, Rocket was included in the annual DBTA 100[22] and named a "leading MultiValue company" by DBTA.[23]
  • Rocket Servergraph: Rocket Servergraph is a reporting and monitoring tool for data backup environments. It is compatible with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, NetBackup, Avamar, FastBack, NetWorker and Data Domain, ProtecTIER, Hitachi Sepaton, Veeam, IBM Flashcopy Manager for Unix, Oracle RMAN, Commvault, Rocket iCluster, and Symantec Backup Exec. In July 2017, Tech Target reported that Rocket Servergraph had successfully completed a series of backup tests at the University of Edinburgh.[24]


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