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Rocket Man, Rocketman, etc., may refer to:

Fiction and literature[edit]

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People with the nickname Rocket Man[edit]

  • Azizulhasni Awang (born 1988), Malaysian track cyclist, nicknamed the "Pocket Rocketman" due to his small stature
  • Shawn Kelley (born 1984), American baseball pitcher
  • Kim Jong-un (born ~1984), Leader of North Korea, nicknamed by U.S. President Donald Trump due to his missile weapons program
  • Ryan Newman (born 1977), NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series driver
  • Andy Roddick (born 1982), retired American tennis player, nicknamed Rocket Man because of his fast serve
  • Joe Rokocoko (born 1983), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Yves Rossy (born 1959), Swiss aviator and inventor of a fixed-wing jet pack
  • Larry Schultz (1950–2011), American founder of Rocket Yoga

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