Rockets Red Glare

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Rockets Red Glare
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Rock
Years active 1999 (1999)–2003 (2003)
Labels Die Venom Records, Sickroom, Blue Skies Turn Black Records
Past members
  • Jeremy Strachan
  • Evan Clarke
  • David Weinkauf

Rockets Red Glare was a Canadian band from Toronto.

Rockets Red Glare formed in the winter of 1999 following the demise of hardcore band Blake and instrumental trio Blue Light Blockade. Based in Canada this three piece band toured Canada extensively and also played in North America, gaining critical praise for their powerful and atmospheric live performances. Releasing two full-length albums and a two track 7-inch they specialised in playing a dense, meandering and sometimes explosive brand of post punk, taking influences from dirgecore bands such as Cerberus Shoal and Neurosis. Many Canadian and American bands today cite Rockets Red Glare as an influence on their music.[citation needed]

Describing their writing process bassist Jeremy Strachan notes that "we really take a clinical, non-spontaneous approach to creating music" and the band's songs are typically spacious and dark compositions built around arpeggiated guitar chords, stop-start dynamics, slow build ups and the half-sung, half-spoken lyrics of vocalist/guitarist Evan Clarke.

Disbanding in 2003, members went on to join Sea Snakes (Strachan), Burn Rome in a Dream (Clarke), Jim Guthrie (Clarke), and Picastro (Clarke). In late 2004 Strachan and drummer David "Gus" Weinkauf formed Feuermusik, a free jazz duo with Strachan on saxophone and Weinkauf playing percussion on buckets.

In 2009 the band reunited to play a series of shows.


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