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Rockgol is a television show from MTV Brasil, a football championship disputed by musicians. The show has been running since 1995. Currently, the matches are "narrated" by comedians Paulo Bonfá and Marco Bianchi, with sarcastic and sometime off-game comments, and putting nicknames on most musicians.

The championship[edit]

From 1995 to 2000, the tournament was disputed in single-elimination. Since 2001, it's followed the FIFA World Cup formula of 3 groups (named M, T and V after the network) followed by single-elimination semifinals\finals. The only exception was 2006, with only two groups.

The games occur in São Paulo Athletic Club, São Paulo, except for 2000, when it happened in Rio de Janeiro. But the hosts say that the games happen in the small town of Birigui, SP, in the "Birigui Sports Arena".

Until 2002, the teams were chosen by the musicians themselves, but in that year the bands were sorted into teams. The names were also free to choose, before the ready names from 2003 on (in 2003, random names: the finals were Papas Fritas - french fries x Gafanhotos - locusts; in 2004, animal names: Aranhas Negras - black spiders- vs. Tamanduás - anteaters - finals; in 2005, diseases: Resfriados - colds- vs. Diabéticos; in 2006, fictional nations: Luxemburgo x Pirulândia; and in 2007, parodies of real clubs: Horríver Prata - River Plate - x Milanesa - A.C. Milan.

The biggest defeat was 0x17 in 1999, suffered by a team formed by Jota Quest, Sideral and Tianastácia.

The biggest Rockgol winner is three-times champion Fredi Endres, guitarist of Comunidade Nin-Jitsu, nicknamed by the hosts "Chernobyl" because of his bizarre haircut.

Only two persons participated in all tournaments: Roger, from Ultraje a Rigor and Jão, from Ratos de Porão.

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