Rockin' Duck

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Rockin' Duck
200px-Grimms Rockin UK.jpg
Studio album by Grimms
Released 1973
Recorded Island Studios, London
Genre Pop music
Label Island ILPS.9248
Producer Grimms
Grimms chronology
Rockin' Duck
inner cover
without the duck cut-out over it

Grimms' Rockin' Duck combines pop music and poetry, recorded at Island Studios, London, England.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Rockin' Duck" (Innes)
  2. "Songs of the Stars" (Roberts)
  3. "The Right Mask" (Patten)
  4. "Policeman's Lot" (Gorman)
  5. "Question of Habit" (McGough)
  6. "Take It While You Can" (McGear, McGough)
  7. "Poetic Licence" (Patten, McGough)
  8. "The Masked Poet" (Gorman)

Side Two

  1. "Hiss and Boo" (Gorman)
  2. "Gruesome" (Roberts, McGough)
  3. "FX" (McGough)
  4. "Blab Blab Blab/EC" (Innes, McGough)
  5. "Backwards Thro' Space" (Patten, McGough)
  6. "The Prophet" (Patten)
  7. "OO-Chuck-A-Mao-Mao" (Innes)
  8. "End Of The Record" (McGough)