Rockin n Reelin in Auckland New Zealand

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Rockin n Reelin in Auckland New Zealand XXX
Live album by The Cramps
Released 1987
Recorded August 27, 1986
Genre Garage punk, psychobilly
Label Vengeance
Producer Poison Ivy
The Cramps chronology
A Date with Elvis
(1986)A Date with Elvis1986
Rockin n Reelin in Auckland New Zealand
Stay Sick!
(1990)Stay Sick!1990
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Rockin n Reelin in Auckland New Zealand XXX is the eighth album overall and the second live album by the American garage punk band the Cramps. It was released on the band's own Vengeance Records. It was mixed by Greg Heiter and recorded live on August 27, 1986, at the Galaxy in Auckland, New Zealand. The track list was heavily drawn from the album A Date with Elvis, released earlier that year. It was reissued in 2001 with the bonus tracks "Blue Moon Baby", "Georgia Lee Brown" and "Lonesome Town".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Lux Interior and Poison Ivy; except where indicated

  1. "The Hot Pearl Snatch" – 3:21
  2. "People Ain't No Good" – 3:18
  3. "What's Inside a Girl?" – 3:06
  4. "Cornfed Dames" – 4:49
  5. "Sunglasses After Dark" (Rosalind Michelle Pullens, Link Wray) – 4:10
  6. "Heartbreak Hotel" (Mae Boren Axton, Thomas Durden, Elvis Presley) – 3:35
  7. "Chicken" – 1:37
  8. "Do the Clam" (Sid Wayne, Ben Weisman, Dolores Fuller) – 2:43
  9. "Aloha from Hell" – 2:41
  10. "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" – 3:38
  11. "Birdfeed" (Al Frazier, Harris, Carl White, Turner Wilson) – 4:09

Reissue bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Blue Moon Baby" (Meridan, Rowe, Satalsk) – 2:43
  2. "Georgia Lee Brown" (Hafner, Zinn) – 3:21
  3. "Lonesome Town" (Baker Knight) – 3:37


The Cramps
  • Greg Heiter – sound mix
  • David Cheppa – remastering
  • Kent J. Smythe – front cover photography

Notes and references[edit]

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