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Song by Laurent Voulzy
Released 1977
Recorded over the course of six weeks
Genre Pop music
Length 11:40 (first version)
Label RCA
Writer(s) Alain Souchon
Composer(s) Laurent Voulzy

"Rockollection" is a 1977 French pop song composed and performed by Laurent Voulzy. Alain Souchon contributed the lyrics.


"Recollection" was considered for the title but finally the song was called "Rockollection" (portmanteau of rock and collection).[citation needed]

The song is a nostalgic first-person recollection of what is presented as a typical 1960s French adolescence. While the story is sung in French, several English-language hits of the 1960s are used to illustrate the memories. An English[1] and Spanish[2] version were made by Voulzy, adapting the lyrics. Since its original release date, he has re-released the song several times in different renditions.

Original version (1977)[edit]

Total time 11:40

A shorter 45 RPM single version of the song was also released, stopping after the fifth song.

Voulzy Tour live version (1994)[edit]

Total time 18:20

Le Gothique Flamboyant Pop Dancing Tour live version (2004)[edit]

Total time 21:30

Studio version (2008)[edit]

For the 2008 album, Recollection Laurent Voulzy recorded a new version he titled Rockollection 008 that has a duration of 15:43. The songs used are:

In the same album Rockollection Scène 10, consists of a new song of "Rockollection", followed by an excerpt of "Video Killed the Radio Star" of the Buggles.

With "L'Amour avec toi" from Michel Polnareff, it is the first time that Voulzy included a song in French in his "Rockollection".


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  3. ^ "Eleanor Rigby" is not repeated in the same manner as the other songs mentioned, but two verses are sung by the chorus during the 8th verse in French.

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