Rockpalast Live (Harry Chapin DVD)

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Rockpalast Live
2002 Harry Chapin Rockpalast Live.jpg
Video by Harry Chapin
Released September 3, 2002
Recorded April 12, 1977
Genre Folk
Folk rock
Length 1:29:41
Label EME America/Geneon
Producer Gary Katz, Edward Secard
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Rockpalast Live
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Rockpalast Live is a DVD of Harry Chapin performing on German music television show Rockpalast on April 12, 1977.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Shooting Star"
  2. "W*O*L*D"
  3. "Mr. Tanner"
  4. "Dance Band on the Titanic"
  5. "Taxi"
  6. "Six-String Orchestra"
  7. "Corey's Coming"
  8. "Blues Man"
  9. "Mail Order Annie"
  10. "30,000 Pounds of Bananas"
  11. "Cat's in the Cradle"
  12. "Circle"
  13. "Odd Job Man"
  14. "I Wanna Learn a Love Song"