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Rockstar New England, Inc.
Formerly called
Mad Doc Software, LLC (1999–2008)
Industry Video game industry
Founded November 18, 1999; 17 years ago (1999-11-18)
Headquarters Andover, Massachusetts, U.S.
Key people
  • Dr. Ian Lane Davis (studio president)
  • Ken Davis (studio director)
Parent Rockstar Games

Rockstar New England, Inc. (formerly Mad Doc Software, LLC) is a video game developer founded in 1999 by Dr. Ian Lane Davis. The company is based in Andover, Massachusetts.


Mad Doc Software[edit]

The original Mad Doc software logo.

Dr. Davis started Mad Doc Software in Andover in 1999 before shortly moving to Lawrence a year later.

In 2001, Mad Doc completed Star Trek: Armada II for Activision, adding 3D play, enhanced AI and other features. The Mad Doc team also delivered a wireless-platform golf game to JAMDAT Mobile, as well as AI design for the sequel to a major software publisher's PC game.

In March 2002, Mad Doc completed the World War II flight simulator Jane's Attack Squadron. In the fall of 2002, the company released Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, the official expansion pack for Empire Earth, to Sierra Entertainment.

In November 2003, Microsoft Game Studios released Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. Mad Doc developed an expansion pack for Dungeon Siege adding new features and AI enhancements. The company was a finalist for the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences "Computer Role Playing Game of the Year" due to this expansion pack.

In the spring of 2005, the company released Empire Earth II. They added features including advanced AI, enhanced environmental realism, new multiplayer modes, and improved management systems. The game garnered a PC Gamer Editor's Choice Award and a 94% review score. PC Gamer stated that the game was "The New King of Real-Time Strategy Gaming".

Star Trek: Legacy, had mixed to moderate reviews for the Xbox 360 and was negatively received for the PC.[1]

The company's Empire Earth III has been the subject of many harsh reviews, with GameSpot saying, "Empire Earth III has been dumbed down to the point of irrelevance." Mad Doc has since removed Empire Earth III from their list of games on their website and any trace of it.

Mad Doc has also created an autonomous cross-country navigation system for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.[2]

Mad Doc was contracted to partner with Propaganda Games and Threewave Software for various map designs for the 2008 game Turok.[3]

Mad Doc ported Rockstar Vancouver's Bully to the Xbox 360 (ported to the Wii by Rockstar Toronto) in the form of Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Rockstar New England[edit]

On April 4, 2008, Rockstar Games announced that it had acquired the studio and rebranded it Rockstar New England. Since its acquisition, New England has mainly been offering assistance to all Rockstar studios and their respective titles. The studio has yet to work on a title of its own since then.

Games developed[edit]

Year Title
As Mad Doc Software
2001 Star Trek: Armada II
2002 Jane's Attack Squadron
2002 Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest
2003 Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna
2005 Empire Earth II
2006 Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy
2006 Star Trek: Legacy
2007 Empire Earth III
2008 Bully: Scholarship Edition (X360)
As Rockstar New England
2008 Bully: Scholarship Edition (PC)
2010 Red Dead Redemption
2011 L.A. Noire
2012 Max Payne 3
2013 Grand Theft Auto V


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