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Rockto is a social recommendation platform [1] where users can share links they want to recommend to others. The platform is also integrated to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, thus, reaching an even wider audience (Snow Ball Spreading Effect). Rockto provides a more direct approach and focuses on the content of the information. What makes different from other platforms is the eye-catching design filled with elements of fun. Another unique feature is Rockpoints and Badges that can be used in exchange for freebies provided by or other brands.

The service was created in 2010 by Mustafa Kemal, Errol Widhavian, and Kristian Harahap. All of them went to the same college (Binus University, Jakarta) on 2004 and started at the same year. But Rocktofolio provide a totally different service. It was more like a webzine focusing on youth independent movement in music, fashion and art.

Graduated on 2008, they spent 2 years working at other companies before finally get to meet again and came up with the idea of with the help of Lasty Devira Kesdu and Ilham Syafrialdi.

Early Establishment[edit]

Rockto development was started in April 2010. It was started as a niche Social Bookmarking aggregator once again focusing only on music, fashion and art. But as the service reached wider audience, it is now open to any categories.


The basic feature of Rockto is spreading user recommendation to their social network, and when people find it suits their interest, they will “Rock It” and spread the recommendation to others.[2] User also provided with a wide selection of topics that give them freedom to be able to directly choose topics that suit their personalities/interests and control their feed.

To fulfill the needs of mobility of the users, has launced the BlackBerry Application where is available in BlackBerry App World.

Awards & Achievement[edit]

Rockto won iMulai (Indonesia Mulai) 3.0 [3] Competition held by Microsoft Indonesia and USAID and top 10 Indonesian finalist of Echelon 2011.[4] In addition, Rockto has been recognized internationally by Penn Olson – The Asian Tech Catalog and also listed as one of 32 Startups to Watch in Asia. has been awarded by Bubu Awards v.07 2011 as The Best Digital Marketing Plan[5] for Start Up in July 2011.

Miscellaneous[edit] could mean putting "rock" into dotcom. Which basically collect anything hype into one place.


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