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Rockville Cemetery (it was never known as Rockville Union Cemetery) was established in 1738 by the Anglican Prince George's Parish. It is the oldest burying ground in Rockville, Maryland and is located at 1350 Baltimore Road, adjacent to the Rockville Civic Center. Ownership changed in 1880 to the Rockville Cemetery Association. The cemetery occupies something over 24 acres (97,000 m²) in two sections, an older, western section of 7.7 acres (31,000 m²) and a newer, eastern section of almost 16.9 acres (68,000 m²).

Those buried there include Upton Beall and E.B. Prettyman (Clerks of the Court), Walter Johnson[1] (baseball player and Montgomery County Commissioner), Judge and Mrs. Richard Johns Bowie, and the Pumphrey family (carpenters and undertakers). The author F. Scott Fitzgerald was buried there upon his death in 1940 but his remains and those of his wife Zelda Fitzgerald (who died in 1948) were moved to Saint Mary's Cemetery, also in Rockville, in 1975. The oldest remaining stone marker in Rockville Cemetery is that of John Harding (1685–1752).


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