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Rockwood School District is in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States. The Rockwood School District is St. Louis County's largest public school system, serving 22,268 students.[1]

There are 19 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 4 high schools in the district, with an average of 19 students per classroom teacher. There are 3,318 staff as of October 2012. The average teacher's salary is $56,701 and $99,479 for the average administrator's salary. The superintendent earns $234,600. [2]

Covering 150 square miles (390 km2) in parts of western St. Louis and northern Jefferson counties, Rockwood serves approximately 141,000 residents in over 53,000 households.[3] Eight distinct communities are within Rockwood's boundaries, including all or parts of Ballwin (pop. 30,404), Chesterfield (pop. 47,484), Clarkson Valley (pop. 2,632), Ellisville (pop. 9,133), Eureka (pop. 10,189), Fenton (pop. 4,022), Wildwood (pop. 35,517), and Winchester (pop. 1,547). Rockwood is one of the well-known award winning schools in Missouri. The superintendent is Dr. Eric Knost.[4]


High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

Crestview Middle School[edit]

Crestview Middle School[5] is a middle school in Clarkson Valley, Missouri. It is housed in the building formerly used by Lafayette High School, another school within Rockwood District, and is Rockwood's largest middle school. The mascot is Hector the Trojan. Most of its students matriculate to Marquette High School, but some go on to Lafayette High School.The feeder schools are Ellisville Elementary, Kehrs Mill Elementary, Westridge Elementary, and Wild Horse Elementary. Crestview is home to over 1200 students and over 100 teachers.

Lasalle Springs Middle School[edit]

Lasalle Springs Middle School is a middle school in Wildwood, Missouri[6] Built halfway through the 1993 school year, on January 24, Lasalle Springs enrolls over 800 students every year. Students enrolling in Lasalle go on to attend Eureka High School.

At Lasalle, the average amount of years of experience for teachers is 13.1 years. 98.4% of teachers have regular certificates, and 69.7% have advanced degrees.[7]

Rockwood South Middle School[edit]

Rockwood South Middle School[8] is a middle school in Fenton, Missouri. Its alumni advance to Rockwood Summit unless they choose private school.

Rockwood Valley Middle School[edit]

Rockwood Valley Middle School[9] is a middle school in Wildwood, Missouri. Its alumni attend Lafayette High School.

Selvidge Middle School[edit]

Morgan Selvidge Middle School[10] is a middle school in Ballwin, St. Louis, Missouri. The school was established in 1968.[11] Its namesake is Morgan Selvidge, who was superintedent of the school district during the years of 1949–1970.[12] In 2008, the school received an award called Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) from the American School Counselor Association. It is Missouri's second school to receive this recognition.[13] As of 2008, the school has an enrollment of 714 students.[14] Most of the students who attend Selvidge Middle School matriculate to Marquette High School.

Wildwood Middle School[edit]

Wildwood Middle School[15] is a middle school in Wildwood, Missouri. A little bit of 1/3 come from Fairway Elementary, 1/3 come from Green Pines Elementary, and 1/3 come from Pond Elementary. Approximately two-thirds of its students attend Eureka High School, and approximately one-third of them attend Lafayette High School.

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Babler Elementary School
  • Ballwin Elementary School
  • Blevins Elementary School
  • Bowles Elementary School
  • Center for Creative Learning
  • Chesterfield Elementary School
  • Ellisville Elementary School
  • Eureka Elementary School
  • Fairway Elementary School
  • Geggie Elementary School
  • Green Pines Elementary School
  • Kehrs Mill Elementary School
  • Kellison Elementary School
  • Pond Elementary School
  • Ridge Meadows Elementary School
  • Stanton Elementary School
  • Uthoff Valley Elementary School
  • Westridge Elementary School
  • Wild Horse Elementary School
  • Woerther Elementary School

Early Childhood Centers[edit]

  • Early Childhood Center at Clarkson Valley
  • Early Childhood Center at Vandover Campus


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