Detention River Christian Community

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Detention River Community
Detention River is located in Tasmania
Detention River
Detention River
Location within Tasmania
Coordinates: 40°52′50″S 145°27′02″E / 40.880556°S 145.450556°E / -40.880556; 145.450556
Country Australia
State Tasmania
BranchIndependent Hutterite
Mother ColonyElmendorf Community, MN

Detention River Christian Community, formerly known as Rocky Cape Christian Community was an Anabaptist Christian community, located between Smithton and Wynyard on the Australian island of Tasmania. The community was founded in 2005 by Elmendorf Christian Community in Minnesota, a community of Hutterite tradition.[1] Detention River was affiliated with the Hutterite Christian Communities.

In 2017 the community was reincorporated as Detention River Christian Community. In 2021 the membership voted on and passed a resolution to relocate to Paraguay. Their Tasmanian community property has been sold in 2022.


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