Rocky Mountain Jam

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Rocky Mountain Jam
Live album by Little Feat
Released January 23, 2007
Recorded The Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO March 18, 2005
Genre Southern rock, jam rock
Length 68:40
Label Hot Tomato
Producer Paul Barrère
Roger Cole
Little Feat chronology
Barnstormin' Live
Rocky Mountain Jam
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Rocky Mountain Jam is the ninth live album by the American rock band Little Feat, released in 2007. (see 2007 in music). It is currently the band's most recent live release and features long improvisational jams on most of the songs including a nod to both Miles Davis' "So What" and the Grateful Dead's "Dark Star" at the beginning of "Dixie Chicken."

Track listing[edit]

Disc one

  1. "Marginal Creatures" (Barrère, Tackett) – 6:18
  2. "One Clear Moment/Sunday Jam" (Barrère, Fuller, Payne) – 11:52
  3. "Rocket In My Pocket" (George) – 6:59
  4. "Spanish Moon/Skin It Back" (George, Barrère) – 15:34
  5. "Dixie Chicken" (George, Martin) – 21:03
  6. "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" (Barrère, George, Kibbee) – 6:38

Band members[edit]

Special guests[edit]