Rocky Peak Ridge

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Rocky Peak Ridge
Rocky Ridge Peak.JPG
Rocky Peak seen from Giant Mountain
Highest point
Elevation4,390 feet (1,338 meters)
Prominence640 ft (195 m)[1]
ListingAdirondack High Peaks
Coordinates44°09′16″N 73°42′20″W / 44.15444°N 73.70556°W / 44.15444; -73.70556Coordinates: 44°09′16″N 73°42′20″W / 44.15444°N 73.70556°W / 44.15444; -73.70556
LocationKeene, New York, U.S.
Parent rangeAdirondacks
Topo mapUSGS Elizabethtown
Easiest routeHike

Rocky Peak Ridge is the twentieth highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park of New York, United States. The name of the mountain is due to its geology, a rocky ridge to the east of the better known Giant Mountain. The long, bare ridge is unusual in the Adirondacks; it resulted from the last great forest fire in the region, in 1913.[2]

There are two trails leading to the top of the peak. One trail, leaving from the town of New Russia, is about a ten-mile round trip with a few, steep rock scrambles along the way. The more commonly used trail splits from the Giant Mountain Trail at about 0.1 mile below Giant's summit. The trail descends steeply from Giant for 0.4 mile and then goes gently uphill for 0.8 mile.

Rocky Peak Ridge provides unobstructed 360-degree views from the highpoint and many lookouts along the ridgeline. The views of Giant Mountain, the Great Range, Dix Mountain Wilderness, Lake Champlain and Vermont are spectacular and well worth the 1.2 mile hike from just below the summit of Giant.


  1. ^ Key col elevation between 1,140 and 1,150 m.
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