Rocky road (dessert)

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Rocky road
Rocky Road Cupcakes.png
Rocky road cupcakes
Course Dessert
Place of origin Australia
Main ingredients Milk chocolate, marshmallow
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Rocky Road is a type of dessert made up of milk chocolate and marshmallow which is usually served in individual portions such as a cupcake or brownie, or in American cuisine, as an ice cream flavor.[1][2]


The main ingredients in traditional Australian Rocky Road are:

  • marshmallow
  • milk chocolate (sometimes dark or white chocolate is used)
  • desiccated coconut
  • nuts, particularly peanuts

United Kingdom[edit]

The main ingredients in traditional British Rocky Road are:[3]

  • marshmallow
  • biscuit
  • milk chocolate (sometimes dark or white chocolate is used)
  • a light dusting of icing sugar on the top

United States[edit]

The main ingredients in traditional American Rocky Road are:

The most popular version of Rocky Road in the U.S. is in ice cream form, which consists of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows (or sometimes a "marshmallow swirl"), and nuts. Although not as popular, slabs of Rocky Road can also be found at confectioner's shops. The Annabelle Candy Company manufactures a candy bar called Rocky Road that has marshmallow, a thin covering of chocolate, and cashews. Betty Crocker has its own recipe for Rocky road.[4]


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