Rocky and the Dodos

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Rocky and the Dodos
Created by Isabell Mills, Shanii Novak
Directed by Sarah Ball
Voices of William Dufris
Maggie Fox
Marc Silk
Kate Harbour
Country of origin United Kingdom
United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Running time 10 min (per episode)
Original network ITV Network (Central)
Original release 1998 – 1999

Rocky and the Dodos is a stop motion animated television series seen on CITV in 1998 and 1999. The show was animated by Cosgrove Hall. It was created by Isabell Mills and Shanii Novak. Rocky And The Dodos aired on then-new channel Toons & Tunes (later renamed Pop) in 2003.


The series focuses on a group of anthropomorphic dodos who live on a remote, rocky island.[1] The action rarely moves away from it. Although the series is recognisably set in the modern day, with aeroplanes and electricity, the island is seemingly unknown to man. Various pieces of man-made detritus, such as household appliances, foodstuffs and furniture, regularly wash up on the island, and often play a central role in episode plots.

The dodos have only the vaguest notion of any life away from their island, referring to everything away from the immediate vicinity as 'the beyond', and refer to the semi-mythical beings which populate it as 'Fartians'.

Main characters[edit]

Rocky - A young male dodo who lives in a cave with Elvis. He is good-natured, impressionable and always eager for adventure, though Elvis' antics sometimes cause more trouble than he can comfortably handle.

Elvis - A bizarre bird who lives with Rocky. It is not made clear how they first met. Elvis resembles a cross between a penguin and a blue-footed booby, though has a long flexible tongue; it is never made clear exactly what species he is (if indeed he knows himself). He has an outrageous, excitable manner, and is inclined to cause chaos and mayhem at every opportunity. He is, however, more intelligent than most of the dodos, and enjoys playing tricks on them if he gets the chance.

Bill - The rather vain and slightly camp dodo who owns and operates the Loose Juice Bar on the island, where he creates popular (but odd) cocktails. He has a large, prominent quiff of which he is inordinately proud.

Wonda - The wife of Bill. She has orange, frizzy hair and wears a necklace of seashells. She is probably (at least in comparison with the others), the cleverest of the dodos, regularly alluding to the words and actions of the 'ancient dodos', and sometimes acts as the group's de-facto leader or organiser should a situation require one.

Tantra - A young female dodo who has an appearance and mannerism modeled on punk subculture, with her hair dyed bright red and her beak painted in bright colours. She wears a bath-chain (complete with plug) on the end of her beak. She is friendly with Elvis (even replacing Rocky in their cave in one episode), but seems to spend most of her time alone.

Astra - A deeply scatterlogical and eccentric female dodo who speaks with an upper-class English accent and lives in the uppermost cave on the island (accessible by a lift seen in the title-sequence). She is obsessed with studying the various objects from 'the beyond' which wash up on the island's shores, and working towards making contact with the 'Fartians'. For all her scholarly airs, she is not very intelligent, and generally misidentifies the things she discovers.

Dougan - A permanently doleful and lazy walrus who lives at the island's rubbish-dump.

Bjorn - An affable Swedish-accented puffin who regularly visits the island.

The Limpets - A large, unspecified number of limpets which live both around and on the island. They move much quicker than real limpets, and have prominent eyes on the tops of their shells. Although they do not speak, they have considerable intelligence. They rarely play an important role in stories, but are vital to the island's smooth (as much as this is possible) operation, as they provide power to the various appliances by running in devices which resemble large hamster wheels.

List of episodes[edit]

Season One - 1998

  • "It's Good to Squawk"
  • "Rock Chick"
  • "Eggs Stink"
  • "Eye of the Dodo"
  • "Dodo Abduction"
  • "When the Green Stuff Turns Fluffy"
  • "Three Footed Fartians"
  • "On the Rocks"
  • "Cheese Means Dreams"
  • "Hey Blue Foot"
  • "The Limpet Olympics"
  • "Cry Beak"
  • "Cheatin' Chick"

Season Two - 1999

  • "Friends and Anemonies"
  • "Café Dodo"
  • "Mind Over Mutter"
  • "Dodos Just Wanna Have Fun"
  • "Double O' Dodo"
  • "A Creep in the Night"
  • "Seeing is Deceiving"
  • "The Root of All Weevils"
  • "Listen With Rocky"
  • "You've Been Blamed"
  • "Peck to the Future"
  • "Dodos That Go Flap in the Night"
  • "Where Have All the Dodos Gone?"


In the late 1990s, a number of VHS videos were released, one in 2003. Rocky and the Dodos has recently been released on DVD at Rocky And The Dodos [C] Central Independent Television.


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