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Rod Hutchinson (Rodney Edwin Hutchinson, born 1945) is one of the most influential anglers in the history of carp fishing. He lives in Louth (Lincolnshire), where he was born in the April 1945. Together with Kevin Maddocks, Lennie Middleton and Fred Wilton Rod Hutchinson was among the anglers responsible for the “carp fishing revolution” in the Seventies and early Eighties. His contribution was particularly important in the introduction of new baits.

In 1980 Rod Hutchinson founded his own bait and tackle production company. He created a number of original bait flavours, some of which (for instance "Monster Crab", "Scopex", "Mulberry Florentine", "Secret Agent", "Megaspice") were subsequently emulated by other carp baits manufacturers.


Rod Hutchinson is a well-known name in the carp fishing press. Some of his magazine articles, together with unpublished material, were published in Carp Along the Way (2008) and Carp Along the Way: Volume Two (2009), by Angling Publications.

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