Rod Nash Racing

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Rod Nash Racing
Rod Nash racing logo.jpg
Manufacturer Ford
Team Principal Rod Nash
Team Manager Darron Tait
Race Drivers 55. Chaz Mostert
Chassis Ford FG X Falcon
Debut 1998
Drivers' Championships 0
Round wins 1
Race wins 4
Pole positions 9
2016 position 13th (2,376 points)

Rod Nash Racing is a V8 Supercar racing entity, owned by Rod Nash. The current driver is Chaz Mostert. Nash owns a V8 Supercar Racing Entitlement Contract and his #55 entry is currently run by Prodrive Racing Australia, utilising a Ford FG X Falcon.

Racing history[edit]

Privateer entry[edit]

Rod Nash first appeared in the series in 1998 after purchasing a Holden VS Commodore from Wayne Gardner Racing.[1] Nash ran the car again in 1999 debuting a new VT Commodore at Bathurst. In 2000 Nash hired Cameron McConville to drive the car before appearing in a 2nd VT later in the year.[2] In 2001 Tony Longhurst drove the car with Nash and Tony Ricciardello driving the car in the endurance races.[3]

Team Brock[edit]

For 2002, Nash formed an alliance with Peter Brock and ran Craig Baird under the Team Brock banner with Mark Noske co-driving at the Queensland 500 and Brock at the Bathurst 1000.[4]

Ford Performance Racing[edit]

In 2003, Nash leased his Racing Entitlement Contract to Ford Performance Racing allowing them to enter a third Ford BA Falcon for David Besnard.[5]

Perkins Engineering[edit]

For the 2004 Season, Nash did a deal with Larry Perkins to run a Castrol sponsored VX Commodore out of the Perkins Engineering workshop with Tony Longhurst driving. Alex Davison replaced Longhurst for the last two rounds and drove a Perkins VZ Commodore for most of 2005, being replaced by Owen Kelly for the last two rounds.[6][7]

Paul Morris Motorsport[edit]

In 2006, Nash purchased a VZ Commodore from Paul Morris Motorsport with Steve Owen driving, teaming with Tony Longhurst to finish 7th at Bathurst.[8] In 2007, Owen once again drove with the same car but now prepared by International Racing Cars Australia. They became a privateer team over the season as well, losing support from Holden. The team struggled at the beginning of the season, but started to find form finishing 6th at Bathurst. Owen finished 19th while the team finished just outside the top 10 in 11th in the teams' championship.[9]

Tony D'Alberto Racing[edit]

In 2008, Nash formed an alliance with Tony D'Alberto Racing, who acquired a Walkinshaw Racing built VE Commodore. Tony D'Alberto shared the Car with Jason Bargwanna in the endurance races.[10] The relationship continued in 2009 with Andrew Thompson joining for the endurance races.[11] After two seasons together, Nash had a new opportunity with Ford Performance Racing and Tony D'Alberto Racing and Nash separated.[12]

Ford Performance Racing/Prodrive Racing Australia[edit]

Late in 2009, Nash signed a deal with Ford Performance Racing for a fully prepared Ford FG Falcon, with continued sponsorship from the Bottle-O chain of liquor stores. The car was driven by Paul Dumbrell.[13][14] After winning a race at Sandown, Dumbrell again raced the car in 2011 before retiring and being replaced for 2012 by David Reynolds.[15] A season of promise was highlighted by 2nd place at Bathurst.[16]

In January 2013, Rod Nash in partnership with Rusty French purchased Ford Performance Racing from Prodrive.[17]

V8 Supercar drivers[edit]

The following is a list of drivers who have driven for the team in V8 Supercars, in order of their first appearance. Drivers who only drove for the team on a part-time basis are listed in italics.


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