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Origin Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Years active 1992–1995
Labels Quarterstick Records
Associated acts
Past members Jeff Mueller
Jason Noble
Tara Jane O'Neil
Kevin Coultas
Jon Cook
John Weiss

Rodan was an American post-hardcore band in the early- to mid-1990s. The best known lineup of the band consisted of Jeff Mueller (guitar/vocals), Jason Noble (guitar/vocals), Tara Jane O'Neil (bass/vocals), and Kevin Coultas (drums).


Rodan formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1992. After quickly passing through drummers Jon Cook and John Weiss, in 1993 the band was joined by Kevin Coultas, who would stay with them until the end.[1] In 1993 they recorded their Aviary demo which saw limited release. Later that year two songs from Aviary; "Milk and Melancholy" and "Exoskeleton", were rerecorded and released as How the Winter Was Passed. Six of the songs on the Aviary demo were re-recorded by Bob "Rusty" Weston (of Shellac fame) and released in 1994 as the album Rusty. The band acted as "Truckstop" in the 1994 cult road movie Half-cocked to which they also contributed music to the soundtrack. Although they were never signed to the label, Rodan was close to Simple Machines, contributing to several compilations and playing at the label's Working Holiday festival. The band also had a John Peel recording session in 1995.

Rodan broke up in 1995 with the members pursuing other musical interests: O'Neil in Retsin and in various solo works; Mueller in June of 44; Coultas and Noble in Rachel's; and Coultas and O'Neil in The Sonora Pine.[2] Mueller and Noble started Shipping News in late 1996 and continued to perform with that until Jason Noble died from synovial sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that attacks the body's soft tissue, on August 4, 2012. Jon Cook, the band's original drummer, died in early February 2013.

Jeanette Leech (UK) covers Rodan in the chapter on the Louisville scene in her book on post-rock, Fearless (Leech, Jeanette, 2017. Fearless: the making of post-rock. London: Jawbone Books).


Studio albums

  • Aviary (1993) – Cassette Demo
  • Rusty (Quarterstick Records, 1994) – LP/CD


  • How the Winter Was Passed (Three Little Girls Recordings, 1993)


Contributions to compilations

  • The Aftereffects Of Insomnia Volume 2 (Three Little Girls Recordings, 1992) Shiner (Demo)
  • Slamdek Merry Christmas Is For Rockers (Slamdek Records, 1992) Toothfairy Retribution Manifesto Various
  • The Machines 1990-1993 (Simple Machines Records, 1993) Darjeeling
  • Omphalos (Richie's Lemon-Herb Media, 1993) Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto
  • Inclined Plane (Simple Machines, 1993) Darjeeling
  • Working Holiday (Simple Machines, 1994) Big Things, Little Things
  • The Monsters Of Rock II (Simple Machines, 1994) Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto (Live)
  • CMJ New Music No. 10 (College Music Journal, May 1994) Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto
  • Louisville Babylon (Analog Distillery, 1994) Who Killed Marilyn
  • Compulsiv For Two 7" (Compulsiv Music 1994) Shiner
  • Half-Cocked (Matador, 1995) Tron
  • Slamdek A To Z. The Illustrated History Of Louisville's Slamdek Record Company 1986-1995 (K Composite Media & Initial Records, 1996) Toothfairy Retribution Manifesto
  • Louisville Babylon 1994/2007 (Double Malt Music, 2007) Who Killed Marlyn?

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