Roden, Sweden

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Folklands in Svitjod (Uppland and Gästrikland)
red = Tiunda
cyan = Attunda
yellow = Roden
green = Fjärdhundra

The coast line has changed considerably in the last millennium due to Post-glacial rebound. Originally there was a sea bay coming in from the north all the way into Uppsala

Roden (roðer, "rowing") old designation of the coastal areas of Svealand (the yellow areas in the map), that in wartime would man and equip the ships that sailed out in ledung.

It was not only the eastern part of the province of Uppland that was called "Roden" (by Snorri Sturluson called Sæland) but also other provinces by the Swedish "East sea" (Baltic sea), like the coastal areas of the province Östergötland.

The Finnish, Estonian and Sami names for Sweden, Ruotsi/Rootsi/Ruoŧŧa, are considered derived from the word "Roden".