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Rodger Parsons
Other namesKen Gates
OccupationVoice actor
Years active1971–present

Rodger Parsons is an American voice actor, who has appeared in various films and is known in New York voice over circles as a versatile vocal character performer. He continues to enjoy a successful career as a writer (both rewrite and polish as well as original scripts) and voice person and has narrated many documentaries, does extensive corporate work and has many radio and TV commercials to his credit. He teaches voice-over technique and has a home studio that allows him to send his work anywhere in the world. "Putting truth and character in voice makes the difference between just talking and creating vocal roles that seize attention and fascinate the listener." (From the Introduction to Rodger Parsons' Voice Over course)


Feature film and TV credits[edit]

Documentary film credits[edit]

  • Native Americans in the Civil War, History Channel – narrator
  • The Hermitage, 18-part series – NET – narrator
  • Water, NET – narrator
  • Flight Deck, Military Channel – narrator
  • Vertical Flight, Military Channel – narrator
  • Pulitzer, NET – character voice
  • The United States Pharmacopeia – narrator
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research – Narrator
  • History of Nazism, 2-part series – writer/narrator
  • Story of Fascism, 5-part series – writer/narrator
  • In the Deep – writer/narrator
  • All in a Day's Work – narrator
  • John Paul — The People's Pope – narrator
  • Mandela – narrator

Feature film looping credits[edit]

Video game credits[edit]

Notable voice roles[edit]



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