Maja e Kollatës

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File:Kolata-Keqe summit view with Kolata peaks (cropped).jpg
Mount Kollata
Highest point
Elevation2,556[1] m (8,386 ft)
Coordinates42°29′1″N 19°54′34″E / 42.48361°N 19.90944°E / 42.48361; 19.90944Coordinates: 42°29′1″N 19°54′34″E / 42.48361°N 19.90944°E / 42.48361; 19.90944
LocationKukës, Albania
Parent rangeAlbanian Alps
Age of rockTriassic
Mountain typeLimestone

Maja e Kollatës is the mountain peak in the Bjeshkët e Namuna range in northern Albania. Maja e Kollatës reaches a height of 2,556 m (8,386 ft) and is the highest among the four main peaks of the Kolata massif. The second and third highest are Kolata Keqe (2,534 m (8,314 ft)) and Kolata Mire (2,528 m (8,294 ft)) on the border to Montenegro just northwest of the main peak.[1]


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