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Rodney Bay is a bay on Saint Lucia; it is along the northwestern coast of the island to the north of Choc Bay. It is named after British naval officer George Brydges Rodney. Admiral Rodney won many battles against France by using a Fort built at Pigeon Island - which is the outer boundaries of Rodney Bay- to view any movements in France's naval base in Martinique. On a cloudless day, one can clearly see Martinique. The Fort remains in pristine condition at Pigeon Island and still has many canon positioned, as if ready for battle.

Rodney Bay has become a hub for locals and visitors to the island. From there one can climb aboard the brig Unicorn, used in the film Pirates of the Caribbean and see the west side of the island by sea from her decks, enjoying delicious local cuisine and are always within minutes of numerous shopping boutiques and malls.

A panorama of Rodney Bay Marina showing Pigeon Island to the right

Coordinates: 14°05′N 60°58′W / 14.083°N 60.967°W / 14.083; -60.967