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Rodney Matthews
Rodney Matthews.jpg
Rodney Matthews
Rodney Clive Matthews

(1945-07-06) 6 July 1945 (age 73)
Paulton, England
Known forPainting, Drawing, Conceptual Design
MovementFantasy art, Science Fiction, Surrealism

Rodney Matthews (born 6 July 1945) is a British illustrator and conceptual designer of fantasy and science fiction.


Trained at the West of England College of Art, Matthews worked in advertising for Plastic Dog Graphics before turning freelance in 1970, initially under the name Skyline Studios.[1][2]

Matthews has painted over 130 subjects for record album covers, for many rock and progressive rock bands. More than 90 of his pictures have been published worldwide, selling in poster format,[3] as well as many international editions of calendars, jigsaw puzzles, postcards, notecards, snowboards and T-shirts. His originals have been exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. He was a regular exhibitor at the Chris Beetles Gallery,[4] in London's West End, where he met English comedian, actor, writer and producer John Cleese.[5]

Matthews has illustrated numerous books, including those by English fantasy and science fiction author Michael Moorcock.[6][7] Their collaboration in the 1970s resulted in a series of 12 large posters, depicting scenes from Moorcock’s ‘Eternal Champion’ series. These images were also used for a 1978 calendar entitled ‘Wizardry and Wild Romance’.[8]

In 1998, Matthews and the late Gerry Anderson completed Lavender Castle, a children's animation series.[9] It was produced at Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester, England and purchased by ITV for the UK.[10] Matthews has also contributed concept designs for the 2005 movie 'The Magic Roundabout'.[11]

He supplied conceptual designs for computer games such as the Sony/Psygnosis game Shadow Master[12] and Haven: Call of the King, published by Midway.[13] Matthews has produced some publicity and a logo for the UK’s pioneering green energy company Ecotricity.[14]

He has also written lyrics and played drums on a music album influenced by his images; American guitarist Jeff Scheetz, John Payne (Asia) on bass guitar, Oliver Wakeman (Yes) on keyboards and Pete Coleman (composer and multi-instrumentalist).[15]

Album covers[edit]

Album covers (including EPs, LPs and DVDs):




Illustrated books:

Paperback covers:

Stephen R. Lawhead:

A. Merritt:

Michael Moorcock:

Andre Norton:

Clark Ashton Smith:


(Rodney Matthews' images have also been used on many international editions, particularly for Moorcock's German publishers.)

Magazine covers:

Vortex: The Science Fiction Fantasy:

Imagine (published by T.S.R. Hobbies (UK) Ltd):

FAB – The Gerry Anderson Fan Magazine:


Bands and recordings[edit]


  • The Cheetahs
  • The Rhythm Cats
  • Pentworth's People
  • Barnaby Goode
  • Originn
  • Squidd


  • Pentworth's People: Demo on vinyl (2 tracks).
  • Squidd: Twice Upon a Time (3 track CD).
  • Frog Riders: Utterly Spontaneous – Jam Session (7 track CD).
  • Rudi Dobson & Rodney Matthews, featuring Tony Clarkin: The House on the Rock (3 track CD).
  • Jeff Scheetz, Rodney Matthews & Friends (John Payne, Oliver Wakeman, Bob Catley and Pete Coleman): I Saw Three Ships – Christmas CD with card (1 track).


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