Rodoferroviária Bridge

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Rodoferroviária Bridge
Ponte Rodoferroviária
Coordinates 20°06′19″S 51°0′30″W / 20.10528°S 51.00833°W / -20.10528; -51.00833Coordinates: 20°06′19″S 51°0′30″W / 20.10528°S 51.00833°W / -20.10528; -51.00833
Carries all land vehicles (including trains)
Crosses Paraná River
Locale Mato Grosso do Sul-São Paulo State line
Design double-decker
Total length 3.77 km (2.34 mi)[1]
Inaugurated 1998

The Rodoferroviária Bridge (lit. Road-rail bridge) is a double-decker bridge (road on the upper level and railway track at the lower level) over the Parana River, between the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo in Brazil.

The bridge was inaugurated in 1998 and connects the roads SP-320 and MS-316. It has 3.77 km (2.34 mi) of length.[1]

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