Rodovia Euclides da Cunha

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Rodovia Euclides da Cunha
Major junctions
East end: Mirassol, SP
  SP-310.svg SP-310
SP-377.png SP-377
SP-479.png SP-479
SP-461.png SP-461
SP-527.png SP-527
SP-543.png SP-543
SP-463.png SP-463
SP-561.png SP-561
SP-595.png SP-595
West end: Rubinéia, SP
Highway system
Highways in Brazil

Rodovia Euclides da Cunha (official denomination SP-320) is a state highway in the state of São Paulo. The highway is named after Brazilian writer Euclides da Cunha.

The highway begins in Mirassol, on the SP-310, and ends in the city of Rubinéia, at the Paraná river, where it connects with the state of Mato Grosso do Sul by a road-rail bridge.

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