Rodovia Washington Luís

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Rodovia Washington Luís
Type From Limeira to Rio Claro four-lane highway, from Rio Claro to São Carlos four and five lane highway, from São Carlos to São José do Rio Preto four and five lane highway.
Length 301 km (187 mi)
Location Passes through Limeira, Cordeirópolis, Santa Gertrudes, Rio Claro, Corumbataí, São Carlos, Ibaté, Araraquara, Matão, Taquaritinga, Catanduva, Catiguá, Ibirá, Uchoa, Cedral, São José do Rio Preto
South end Rodovia Anhanguera, km 153, in the city of Limeira
North end Rodovia Euclides da Cunha, in the city of Mirassol
Inauguration 1953/1959/1961
Highway (exit to city of São Carlos), km 236 south way

Rodovia Washington Luís (official designation SP-310) is a highway in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

It runs in the North-Northwest direction, departing as a branch from the Anhangüera Highway near the city of Limeira. It also crosses with the Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, nearby the city of Cordeirópolis.

Main cities linked by the Washington Luís Highway are Rio Claro, São Carlos, Araraquara, Matão, Catanduva, São José do Rio Preto and Mirassol.

It is named in honor of Washington Luís (1869–1957), one of the presidents of Brazil and a paulista, who famously declared in 1926 that "to govern is to build roads".

The highway is managed and maintained through a state concession to the private companies Centrovias and Triângulo do Sol, and therefore is a toll road.

From Mirassol to Ilha Solteira, the name is changed to "Feliciano Sales Cunha", keeping the SP-310 code.

There is another highway so named in Brazil, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, between Rio de Janeiro and Petrópolis.

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