Rodrigo Medellín

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Rodrigo Medellín
Rodrigo A. Medellín

Mexico city
Other namesRodrigo A. Medellín
AwardsWhitley Award (2004), Whitley Gold Award (2012)
Scientific career
FieldsBat conservation, mammal expert.
Institutionses:Instituto de Ecología at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, American Museum of Natural History

Dr Rodrigo A. Medellín is a Mexican ecologist and academic known for his work in the field of bat conservation,[1][2] jaguars,[3][4] bighorn sheep,[5] and ocelot,[6] among others. He works at the Instituto de Ecología at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has worked for the American Museum of Natural History,[7][8] and he has been an ambassador for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.[9]

In 2004 he received the Whitley Award, and in 2012 he was the first-ever recipient of the Whitley Gold Award.[10] In 2008 he received a Rolex Award for Enterprise. In 2014 he was the subject of a BBC documentary film titled Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico.[11][12]


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