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Rodrigo de Ceballos (also Çavallos, Cevallos, Zaballos;[1] c.1525-c.1571) was a Spanish composer.

He was born in Aracena (Huelva), and was ordained a priest in Seville in 1556. He was named maestro di capella in Málaga in 1554, in the cathedral of Córdoba in 1556, and in Royal Chapel of Granada in 1561.

He is among the composers of the Andalusian school, alongside better-known composers such as Francisco Guerrero (who, with Pedro Fernández de Castilleja, gave him his holy orders) or Cristobal de Morales. His polyphonic works, preserved in various Spanish and Latin American cathedrals and monasteries, are often confused with those of Francisco de Ceballos, who was maestro at Burgos Cathedral from 1535 to his death in 1571.[2]


79 works of Rodrigo's are known to survive; these include 39 motets, three masses, eight psalms for Vespers, six hymns, eight settings of the Magnificat, a set of complets, and seven secular pieces.




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