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The Roehampton trophy is the oldest polo trophy in the United Kingdom. The trophy was first played for at the Roehampton Club[1] in 1902 and was won by Buccaneers. Today it is played for at the Ham Polo Club, the tournament is played for at an 6-goal level and the finals are held in August.[2]


The Roehampton Cup is the oldest cup still played for in the United Kingdom, the earliest date on its plinth is the season of 1902 and it was the premier trophy at the Roehampton Polo Club until its demise in 1955. The Trophy itself was donated by Mrs Alison Cunninghame of Craigends upon the opening of the Roehampton Club in 1902.[3]

Roehampton, before the great war, was one of eight metropolitan clubs and the third largest, with over 300 playing members and 550 non-playing members. Those were the days in which an estimated 10,000 polo ponies were stabled in and around London during the season and Roehampton, with Hurlingham and Ranelagh, was the base for one of the three Open Championships of the time.

The Roehampton Cup has seen some notable holders. In 1911, for example, the trophy was won by Comte Johnnie de Madre's Tigers Team, who wore pure silk shirts, hand embroidered with gold thread. Lord Rocksavage and Captain J. F. Harrison (after whom the Harrison Cup at Cowdray was later named) were among the old Etonian winners in 1914, while in 1925 a high powered Argentine team, La Pampa, led by Jack Nelson was victorious.

Eric Horace Tyrrell-Martin, who was to play in the International Polo Cup final 1939, was in the winning team in 1934 and 1935; whilst J. F. Harrison, by then a Major, won the Cup for a second time for 'The Pandas' in the last pre war tournament at the club.

Suitably, as it was to turn out, Ham Polo Club newly revived by Billy Walsh, won the cup in the first post-war tournament of 1947. Later names engraved on the trophy include some of the leading players of their day; among them Peter W. Dollar, Alec Harper, Haunut Sing, Heskie Baig, Charles Smith-Ryland, John Lankin and Humphrey Patrick Guinness.

Following the closure of the Roehampton Polo Club, Edward Tauchert, then player at Ham Polo Club arranged for the Roehampton Golf Club to kindly donate the trophy to Ham Polo Club where it has remained ever since. It became a popular trophy at Ham and in the 1990s through the efforts of John O'Driscoll the Roehampton was reintroduced as a Tournament.

The Tournament Today[edit]

From 2008 until 2015 the League stages of the tournament were being played at Ali Albwardy's private polo grounds in Windsor, the base of Dubai Polo Team. The finals though were still held at Ham Polo Club on the Number One ground. From 2016 onwards the early games have been held at the Black Bears grounds in Henley-upon-Thames with the finals day still taking place at Ham Polo Club

In 2012, the 110th year of the competition, a sponsorship deal was signed with Bang and Olufsen of Kingston with the tournament becoming known as the 'Roehampton Trophy brought to you by Bang and Olufsen of Kingston'. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 sponsorship was taken on by London Square, the developers behind the restoration of the Royal Star and Garter Home, Richmond. In 2020 the title sponsorship was taken by Fabergé.

The Roehampton takes place in late August to avoid overlapping with HPA Victor Ludorum tournaments played at the same handicap.


Not counting the years of the two world wars when polo ceased in England, there are 35 years missing from the commemorative plinth. The recorded winners are as follows.

2001 Roehampton Trophy winners Regal: Martin Stegman, Raphael Sing, Tarquin Southwell and S. Baselli.
2002 Roehampton Trophy winners Los Penguinos: Sam Gardiner, Alan Ruzzaman, Mark Pasaud and Martin ffrench-Blake.
2005 Roehampton Trophy winners Clarita: Clare Mathias, Corin Gibbs, Sam Gardner and Chris Mathias. Runners up Beetles.
2006 Roehampton Trophy winners Montana: Ariel Tapia, Tony Gerrard, Adam Leech and Martin Roman. Runners up AFB.
2007 Roehampton Trophy winners Los Dientes: Oscar Mancini, Sebastian Dawnay, Mathew Tooth and Lucas Fernandez. Runners up Los Diablos.
2008 Roehampton Trophy winners Avalon: Christopher Caesar, Nico Talamoni, Jeffrey Schlesinger and Greg Keyte. Runners up Tchogan.
2009 Roehampton Trophy winners Tchogan: Adolfo Casabal, Heiko Voelker, Greg Keyte and Jason Norton. Runners up Dubai Polo Team.
2010 Roehampton Trophy Winners Rios Profundos: Hugo Davis, Matias Machado, Martin Valent and Benjie Davis
2011 Roehampton Trophy Winners Bardon: Matias Machado, Guillermo Healy, Andras Tombor and Martin Valent. Runners up Interoffice
2012 Roehampton Trophy winners Rosario: Mats Ottossom, Martin Roman, Julian Drake and Nico Fontanarossa. Runners up Los Hamblinos.
2013 Roehampton Trophy winners Tchogan: Ryan Pembal, Jonathan Hare, Heiko Voelker and Sebastian Dawnay. Runners up Rosario.
2014 Roehampton Trophy winners Tashan: Alex Webb, Vivek Rawal, Will Emerson and Daniel Otamendi at Ham Polo Club.
Year Team Players
1902 Buccaneers

Harold Ernest Brassey
Honorable R. Ward
Frederick C.G. Menzies
Captain George Marjoribanks

1903 Magpies

Captain Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner
Captain Godfrey Heseltine[4]
Captain John Hardress Lloyd
Ulric Oliver Thynne

1904 Students

Cecil Grenfell
Riversdale Grenfell
Morres Nickalls
Patteson Womersley Nickalls

1905 Roehampton

Cecil Grenfell
Riversdale Grenfell
Morres Nickalls
Patteson Womersley Nickalls

1906 Woodpeckers

Captain Herbert Haydon Wilson
Frederick C.G. Menzies
Captain Brownlow Mathew-Lannowe
Captain John Hardress Lloyd

1907 Leopards

Captain Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner
M. C. Pilkington
Morres Nickalls
Captain Claude Champion de Crespigny

1908 Leopards

Captain Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner
Captain Herbert Haydon Wilson
Captain Claude Champion de Crespigny
Honorable Ivor Guest, 1st Viscount Wimborne

1909 Beauchamp Hall Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner

Captain Percy Desmond FitzGerald
Frederick Agnew Gill
Captain C. F. Hunter

1910 Ranelagh

Captain Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner
Frank Brereton Hurndall
Captain P. D. Fitzgerald
Major H. R. Lee

1911 Tigers

Jean de Madre
Captain C. Mac G. Dundar
Ralph Gerald Ritson
Captain Leslie St. Clair Cheape

1912 Wanderers

Captain G. E. Bellville
Major P. D. Fitzgerald
Major E. H. Brassey
Frederick Agnew Gill

1913 Pilgrims

Captain Teignmouth Philip Melvill
Alfred Grisar
Captain Edward Arthur Wienholt
F. Rich

1914 Old Etonians

Geoffrey H. Phipps-Hornby, Sr.
Captain John Jacob Astor
Lord Rocksavage
Captain J. F. Harrison

1919 Scouts

Major W. T. Miles
Brigadier General P. D. Fitzgerald
Captain Honorable Frederick Edward Guest
Major Frederick W. Barrett

1920 Roehampton

Captain A. S. Wills
Lieutenant Colonel Hugh C. S. Ashton
Major F. Penn
Lieutenant Colonel Charles Darley Miller

1921 Eastcote

S. Sandford
Earle Hopping
Major Philip Magor
John Arthur Edward Traill

1922 Cirencester

Captain Maurice John Kingscote
Honorable A. Hastings
Captain Richard Reginald Smart
Captain L. Shedden

1923 Cirencester

Captain Maurice John Kingscote
Honorable A. Hastings
Captain Richard Reginald Smart
Captain L. Shedden

1924 Optimists

Honorable K. Mackay
Major H. Colmore
Captain C. Tresmoyne
Major A. L. Tate

1925 La Pampa

Juan Nelson
Marquis de Villavieja
A. M. Pena
John Arthur Edward Traill

1926 Templeton

P. M. Forsyth-Forest
Major Geoffrey H. Phipps-Hornby, Sr.
Major Frederick W. Barrett
Captain Frederick Edward Guest

1928 Hurricanes

S. Stanford
Captain Charles Thomas Irvine Roark
Desmond Miller
Major J. F. Harrison

1929 Pilgrims

Captain Maurice John Kingscote
Major Geoffrey H. Phipps-Hornby, Sr.
Lieutenant George E. Prior-Palmer
Alfred Grisar

1930 17th-21st Lancers

R. B. Cooke
Desmond Miller
H. Walford
Vivian Noverre Lockett

1931 Hurricanes

S. Sanford
W. Whitebread
Captain Charles Thomas Irvine Roark
Colonel Percival Kinnear Wise

1932 Merchiston

D. J. Frost
H. Hughes
F. H. George
Major Evelyn Fanshawe

1933 Friar Park

A. David
Captain J. Butler
Captain H. G. Morrison
J. Robinson

1934 Panthers

John Crichton, 5th Earl Erne
Major Geoffrey H. Phipps-Hornby, Sr.
Eric Horace Tyrrell-Martin
Major Philip Magor

1935 Panthers

Major N. W. Leaf
S. Stanford
Eric Horace Tyrrell-Martin
Captain D. J. Norten

1936 Not Played
1937 Someries House

Colonel Sir Harold Augustus Wernher
Major Claude Ernest Pert
Captain David Dawnay
Andrew Horsbrugh Porter

1938 Someries House

Colonel Sir Harold Augustus Wernher
Captain Honorable Richard Gustavus Hamilton-Russell
Captain David Dawnay
Captain Andrew Horsbrugh Porter

1939 Pandas

A. David
K. J. Price
Captain J. H. Montagu Douglas-Scott
Major J. F. Harrison

1950 Sussex

A. M. Gibb
Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey H. Phipps-Hornby, Sr.
Lieutenant Colonel Peter W. Dollar
J. Larkin

1951 La Espadana

Juan J. Reynal
Luis H. Garrahan
Juan R. Ross
Carlos B. Buchanan

1952 Friar Park

Major A. David
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Horsbrugh Porter
Lieutenant Colonel Humphrey Patrick Guinness
William Francis Walsh

1953 Park House

F. L. Withers
E. Lalor
J. R. Ross
J. I. Domecq

1954 Cowdray Park

P. R. Curden
Lieutenant Colonel P. W. Dollar
Ras Rajar Hamit Singh
John Lakin

1955 Grey Hounds

S. Hill
Colonel G. H. Critchley
Lieutenant Colonel Alec Harper
Charles Smith-Ryland

1956 Cowdray Park

Brigadier M. A. Baig
Charles Smith-Ryland
Hanut Singh
J. Lakin

1967 Silver Leys

Alfred G. Boyd Gibbins
Captain Gaje Singh
Luis Sosa Basualdo
C. R. Watt

1972 Squires Farm

G. C. H. Lawson
N. E. Wates
B. Bethell
C. A. Brodie

1974 Toulston

P. Gaunt
R. Rossiter
Lt. Col. K. Singh
J. N. Hinchliffe

1975 Wilmer Cottage

C. Tauchert
Major B. Singh
Captain C. Lowther
S. Houston

1976 The Bees

R. Maple-Brown
Bryan Morrison
B. D. Arbeid
M. Emmerson

1977 Invicta

D. Fernandez
C. C. Tauchert
D. T. Copeland
R. A. Houston

1979 Travelwise Tortugas

W. Healy
C. Tauchert
J. J. Diaz Alberdi
D. Fernandez

1981 Equus

Q. P. Davis
M. Willoughby
W. Roberts
D. I. Anderson

1983 The Watergate

N. Lobel
G. C. H. Lawson
M. Glue
D. Anderson

1986 Maidford

J. N. Williams
E. P. Marriage
D. T. Copeland
D. A. Brown

1994 Freebooters

R. Barnes
P. Bannister
P. McCormack
C. Graham

1995 Redcliffe Square

D. Christian
S. Allen
M. Ventura
T. Healy

1996 Dubai Exiles

Peter McCormack
Neil McLean
Martin Glue
Steven Lamprell

1997 Twelve Oaks

I. Wooldridge
G. Wooldridge
John Horswell
N. Brister

1998 Tournament Canceled for Rain
1999 Black Cats

M. Wadhwa
T. Phillimore
N. Hancock
M. L. Ward

2000 Ravenscourt

Jinni Featherstone-Witty
A. Blake-Thomas
O. Mancini
S. McLaren-Tosh

2001 Regal

R. Singh
S. Baselli
T. Southwell
M. Stegman

2002 Los Pinguinos

Mark Persaud
Alan Ruzzamam
Martin fFrench-Blake
Sam Gardner

2003 Clarita

Clare Mathias
Sam Gardner
James Lucas
Chris Mathias

2004 Clarita

Clare Mathias
Chris Mathias
Sam Gardner
James Lucas

2005 Clarita

Clare Mathias
Chris Mathias
Sam Gardner
Corin Gibbs

2006 Montana Polo

Tony Gerrard
Martin Roman
Ariel Tapia
Adam Leech

2007 Los Dientes

Matthew Tooth
Lucas Fernandez
Sebastian Dawnay
Oscar Mancini

2008 Avalon Polo

Christopher Caesar
J. A. Schlesinger
Nicolas Talamoni
Greg Keyte

2009 Tchogan

Jason Norton
Heiko Voelker
Nico Talamoni (injured during play)
Adolfo Casabal
Greg Keyte

2010 Rios Profundos

Hugo Davis
Benjie Davis
Matias Machado
Martin Valent

2011 Bardon

Andras Tombor
Guillermo Healy
Matias Machado
Martin Valent

2012 Rosario

Mats Ottossom
Martin Roman
Nico Fontanarossa
Julian Drake

2013 Tchogan

Ryan Pembal
Jonathan Hare
Heiko Voleker
Sebastian Dawnay

2014 Tashan Polo

Vivek Rawal
Alex Webb
Will Emerson
Daniel Otamendi

2015 Harum Scarum

Mel Hare
Jonathan Hare
Roddy Mathews
Daniel Otamendi

2016 Snake Bite

Max Kirchhoff
Tom Meyrick
Jack Berner
David Ashby

2017 Jet Set

Katherine Smithwick
Tom Brodie
Juan Cruz Araya Martelli
Timor Nadine

2018 Ojo Caliente

Ana Escoveda
Georgina Brittan
Ed Banner-Eve
Jonny Good

2019 Cani

Louise Jebson
Celio Garcera
Jack Aldridge
Matias Amaya

2020 Ojo Caliente/Mount Loftus

Ana Escoveda
Georgina Brittan
Terrence Lent
Jonny Good

2021 Quel Domage

Toby Bradshaw
Hector Worsley
Hugh Humfrey
David Ashby

The Trophy[edit]

The Silver Trophy itself, donated by Mrs Alison Cunninghame of Craigends, stands 53 cm high. The cup is detachable from the base section, this has caused trouble with over excited winning teams at presentations and as a result the trophy has a slight lean. The trophy also has a detachable lid though it has not been traditional in recent years to drink champagne from the trophy as a celebration.

Under the handles of the Trophy are the faces of two polo players wearing polo hats with wings, the trophy also bears an unhidden Hallmark on its front.

Not including the years that Britain was at war and the trophy was not played for, there are 35 years missing from the base including 1947, the first year it was won by Ham Polo Club.


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