Roewe E50

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Roewe E50
Roewe E50 01 China 2014-04-20.JPG
ManufacturerRoewe (SAIC Motor)
Also called
  • MG Dynamo EV (2014)
  • MG E50 (2012)
AssemblyChina: Pukou, Nanjing
Body and chassis
Body style3-door hatchback
Wheelbase2,305 mm (90.7 in)
Length3,569 mm (140.5 in)
Width1,551 mm (61.1 in)
Height1,540 mm (60.6 in)
Kerb weight1,080 kg (2,381 lb)

The Roewe E50 is an all-electric car that is manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer Roewe.

The E50 was originally unveiled as a concept car at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.[1] In November 2012, SAIC Motor introduced the production version of the Roewe E50, a four seater supermini sized hatchback for the market in China.

Roewe E50 (rear)

The E50 has a 47 kW motor and an 18 kWh battery pack supplied by A123 Systems that delivers a range of 180 km (110 mi) and a top speed of up to 120 km/h (75 mph). The E50 uses several lightweight materials from Evonik to reduce energy consumption and to achieve lower emissions.

The electric car pricing starts at CN¥234,900 (US$37,589) before available government incentives, and SAIC's goal was to sell 1,000 units within the first year in the market.[2][3] Retail deliveries began in Shanghai in January 2013.

The E50 is subject to a cash rebate of CN¥60,000 (US$9,648) from the central government, another CN¥40,000 (US$6,432) from the Shanghai municipal government, and also is exempted from the city's license plate fee, which by January 2013 had a cost of CN¥75,000 (US$12,060), but the new energy car plates, or EV plates, are non transferable.

These incentive make the E50 competitive with the price of an economy family car.[4][5]

MG Dynamo EV[edit]

MG Dynamo EV

The E50 was provided the basis of MG Dynamo EV, a concept car shown in the United Kingdom during spring 2014. The Dynamo uses a 71bhp electric motor developing 155Nm of torque, and has a range of 50 miles on a single charge.[6]


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