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Roger Boyes (born 7 August 1952 in Hereford, England) is a British journalist and author. He is the diplomatic editor for the British newspaper The Times. He also has a column in the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel entitled 'My Berlin'.

Boyes entered journalism as a Reuters correspondent in Moscow (1976–1977), joined the Financial Times as an Eastern Europe specialist in 1978 and was the Bonn correspondent of the FT from 1979 to 1981. He then switched to The Times and became the Eastern Europe correspondent based in Warsaw where he covered the solidarity revolution and the imposition of martial law. Since then he has been posted to Rome as a Southern Europe correspondent (1987–89), Bonn and Berlin correspondent 1993- 2010.


  • Meltdown Iceland: How the Global Financial Crisis Bankrupted Iceland, the Happiest State in the World (2009)[1]
  • A Year in the Scheisse: Getting to Know the Germans (2008) -Marketed as 'Travel', reads like farcical fiction
  • How to be a Kraut (2007)
  • My Dear Krauts (2006)
  • The Naked President: Political Life of Lech Walesa (1994)

Works as co-author[edit]

  • Seduced by Hitler (2007)
  • Is it easier to be a Turk in Berlin or a Pakistani in Bradford? (2004)
  • Sezon na Europe (2003)
  • Surviving Hitler: Corruption and Compromise in the Third Reich (2000)
  • The Priest and the Policeman: The Courageous Life and Cruel Murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko (1987). * ‘’ New State, Modern Statesman Hashim Thaçi – A Biography

By Roger Boyes and Suzy Jagger (2017).


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