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The Rev. Canon Roger Bradshaigh Lloyd (16 January 1901[1] – 15 September 1966)[2] was an influential Anglican priest and wide-ranging writer in the immediate context of the Second World War and the mid-twentieth century.[3]


Born in Eccles, Lancashire, Lloyd was the eldest son of Colonel Walter Evans Lloyd. He was educated at Shrewsbury School and St John's College Cambridge. After his ordination in 1924, he served in several parishes in the North of England before becoming Canon Residentiary of Winchester, where he was later to be Vice-Dean of the Cathedral. He remained there until his death in 1966.

Influenced by Christian Socialism and the heritage of the Oxford Movement,[citation needed] he was known for his contemporary histories of the Church of England, and particularly for a challenge to the ideologies prevailing in continental Europe in the 1930s. Lloyd was interested in the response of workers to religion. In 1943 he launched a movement, the Servants of Christ the King, described in his book An Adventure in Discipleship. His writings included books on Abelard and railways and fiction as well as on religious subjects. For many years he was a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper.[3]

He was married to Mildred Vera Frodsham Ward in 1928. He died at his home in Winchester.[3]


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