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Roger Brainard is an American Guitarist and song writer with roots in Gospel, R&B, Blues, World, Reggae and Rock Music. Brainard received a Certificate of merit from the American Song Festival while working as producer at Little River Studio. Now based in Atlanta Brainard has collaborated and performed with numerous artists such as Angie Aparo and Caroline Aiken, Ivory Coast's Alpha Blondy band, Liberia's MEDUSA and with Michael Hughes in the eclectic duo ELEPHANT's GERALD at Eddie's Attic, Freight Room and at the Peachtree Road Race main stage, Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Macon Ga. International Cherry Blossom Festival and Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Brainard claims credit for 11 albums. During a 5 year tenure as guitarist/producer at Little River Studio he co-produced and performed on over 900 sessions including 156 tracks for Thunderbird Records, projects for Sun Records and Tom Long (then President of ASCAP). Roger currently records for Kennesaw Ga. based indie label rrrrrrecords.


'Karis Records'

BAND - Red Bartlett Band

'I’m Getting’ Ready' (1982)

'They’re Watchin’ You' (1982)

BAND - Brainard Bryson & McCrary'

“We Gotta Stop Meeting Like This” (1982)


BAND - I-RONS - (members: Kent Colbert (bass), Roger Brainard (guitar), Duffy Jackson (Drums), Don Lehman (vocals)

'Out Cast' (1983)

'Hey Maria' (1983)

'I Mort a Warning' (1982)


BAND - the Elephant’s Gerald ( Michael Hughes and Roger Brainard )

'Gone Again' (1996)

'Three on a Match' (1997)

'2 man junk slide' (2000)

'1999 live' (duh)

'the 11' (2001)

'HEALING' (best of) (2008)


'FEW WORDS' (2009)

'SERVANT of the Most High God' (2010)

'RED GREEN BLUE' (early 2012)

'STiLL' (mid-2012)

'Blue Ocean Moon Dream' (single 2012)

'OFF THE GRID' (single 2012)

'Golden Road' (single 2012)

'Footprints on the Moon' (single 2012)

'Whales on the Radar' 2013

'SIGNAL' 2014

2015 Produced - "I'll play the Blues for you" by Theabis Debris

"Eat the Soap" single 2015

"Footprints on the Moon" CD 2015