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Roger Erickson (born 1964 in Washington D.C.) is an American photographer.[1]


Erickson attended college at San Francisco State University. In 1990 he was hired by a British Music Magazine named Select to photograph Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Malibu, California (article entitled " Straight From The Crazy Horse's Mouth" by David Cavanagh - Select Magazine, November/1990). In 1991 he later moved to London to pursue his passion as a fine art photographer. Since then, he has become a music, fashion and celebrity photographer. His work has appeared on covers including Vogue (Mexico & Latin America), Entertainment Weekly, Q Magazine, The Source Magazine, The Advocate and Out Magazine. As well as in advertisement and promotional campaigns for the Disney Channel, A&E, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Fruit of the Loom, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Gatorade G-Series with Georges St-Pierre (2009), and in 2005, t-shirts for The Door Charity, designed by Marc Jacobs featuring Lil' Kim.



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