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Roger Excoffon (7 September 1910 – 1983) was a French typeface designer and graphic designer.

Excoffon was born in Marseille, studied law at the University of Aix-en-Provence, and after, moved to Paris to apprentice in a print shop. In 1947 he formed his own advertising agency and concurrently became design director of a small foundry in Marseille called Fonderie Olive. Later he co-founded the prestigious Studio U+O (a reference to Urbi et Orbi).

Mistral typeface

Excoffon's best known faces are Mistral and Antique Olive, the latter which he designed in the period 1962–1966. Air France was one of Excoffon's largest and most prestigious clients. The airline used a customized variant of Antique Olive in its wordmark and livery until 2009, when a new logo was initiated.

Excoffon's faces, even his most sober, Antique Olive, have an organic vibrancy not found in similar sans-serif types of the period. His typefaces gave voice to an exuberant body of contemporary French and European graphic design.


These foundry types were produced by Roger Excoffon:[1]


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