Roger I of Carcassonne

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Roger I of Carcassonne
Noble familyHouse of Comminges
Spouse(s)Adelaide of Rouergue
FatherArnaud I
MotherArsinde of Carcassonne-Razès

Roger I (died 1012) was the count of Carcassonne from c. 1000 and, as Roger II, count of Comminges (from 957) and Couserans (from 983).

Associated with the government of Comminges in 957, he inherited the county of Couserans in 983 at the death of his father, Count Arnaud I. At around 1000 he inherited the county of Carcassonne from his mother. In 969 he married Adelaide of Rouergue.[1]

After sharing the government with his son Ramon Roger in Carcassonne, part of the county of Couserans and of the county of Razès and Bernard I Roger in Couserans, he was succeeded by his nephew William I of Carcassonne. His son Peter Roger was Bishop of Girona in 1010-1050, while his daughter Ermesinde married Ramon Borrell, count of Barcelona.


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